Foxy Malin

Tired. Was up at 6 this morning. Why you might ask!? Well, at least there was bubbly to make it worth it. Me and Lollo was out for dinner at Soho House yesterday drinking one too many cocktails for this too feel all that kosher.

We started Malins hen do this morning with showing up at hers surprising her with bubbles and breakfast.

Mini pink bottles of rose. Poor me cant drink that but at least I had a mimosa. So, not poor me at all to be honest. On the other hand, bubbles at 7 in the morning…not even I.

Joint breakfast. I was responsible for bread, easier said than done to find fresh bread before 7 in the morning. All hail tesco metro. We tried to buy some from soho house yesterday but they were all out.

The theme was pink. Shocker. I wore black and red. Im a rebel like that.

Malin coming home and finding us after running around town trying to find booze dressed up in hen do sash and ears. Nothing to brighten your morning like a little humiliation.

Looking pretty perky after all.

Fun being on your hen do nowadays since no one has the time to talk to you, its all about the photos of you. Lets say that is why im not getting married (it has nothing to do with lacking that significant other)

She is so cute i kind of want to eat her.

Three very perfect looking blondies. Again, good thing you cant see me looking angry in black being less than perfect for this London version of Solsidan life.

Malin finding out she is heading to Stockholm for the weekend. Wish I could be there. Oh well, we have the wedding wich i have bought an absolutely gorgeous dress for. Might show that one later.

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