Fashion and ping pong

Monday – hard to miss this most hated day of the week. Mine started bleary eyed and tired after a night of weird dreams and tossing and turning. Walked in and everything felt a bit better in the sunny autumn weather.

On Friday I went on my blind friend date (as in a blind date, not a date with a blind friend). It was Miles friends girl friend Hannah who had tickets to this fashion thing at Saatchis. We saw a fashion show and wished we could buy all the clothes. I realised id been destroyed after my years with Oliver when i got REALLY upset about having to pay for my own champagne. WTF.

I then went to see lollo, had another drink and came home to admire my new coat I picked up at the event (if picked up is the same as bought).From Maison Scotch. Since this is a shit pic here it is in all its glory.

I got it big so it looks kind of punky. But baby blue. With a star studded leather belt. You hear…

On Saturday morning took W for a walk and saw the squirrels of Ravenscourt cover in fear writing their wills when W were bombing around.

Yup, this regal looking bad boy thinks he is the king of the park. At least there are no picnics for him to chase any longer. They dont run.

After leaving W I headed up East for drinks and Shoreditch House with the Tomlins. Deja vu. But always awesome. Espresso martinis FTW.

Squad selfie in the elevator.

We had more espresso martinis and strawberry daquiris. Played some ping pong ( I suck) and took photo booth pics. Tom tried to get us to jump in the pool to get thrown out but it was cold man. So we left. At midnight. Crazy kids these days.

I was so up from all the coffee so when Tom went to bed at 1 I made Jason text with me on the phone for another hour. Win for him. Drunken ramblings and then I had to cancel our hang out because hanging like a troll.

Wortn it though after awesome hang out. Spent the day walking brick lane and then home to doggie, sofa, chips and sweeties.

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