Vision II

Summer is truly over now and with that the feeling of endless possibilty and being allowed to do whatever you want. At the moment im comtemplating going to the gym and doing generally grown up things. Im also worried this will mean hopelessness but with pretty much every weekend booked until Christmas (87 days btw) im sure ill keep myself entertained.

Picked up mini squid from Ol yesterday and being a dog and pretty much always happy he kept bringing me toys in the hope one of them would work for me to play with him. Run over, drop it, pick it up and run off hoping ill chase.

But mummy too tired. And cooking. The closest to a house wife ill ever get.

Being a dog there are so much else you can do. Like sleep. Upside down ass up. Life goals.

Love having W but sometimes wish i was a bit freer on my weekday nights. Its probably very good for me but tip from the coach, dont get a dog if you work full time in a super busy city if you are planning to break up.

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