Insta friend – how to survive out there

Had dinner with Oliver last night. Crab. It was nice. It was supposed to be a chilli dinner from the chillis I gave him but he forgot to actually pick them. Fail.

Have told Jacke I will start dating in 3 weeks (we tend to promise eachother things we feel we should be doing but are avoiding like the plague). Because if it was up to me I would hide away from men for more or less the rest of my life. And even if that sounds like an awesome idea to me I know I need to start giving guys a chance again.

Its just so…I dont know…complicated. The whole online dating thing is weird. I find communicating with my friends tricky enough. Guys i dont know. Please. I have this app on my phone and I get messages from time to time from guys and I havent answered a single one. Because what to say? I dont really want to meet with them and like…gaaaah.

And guys i meet… Tom told me I do this thing where i turn on insta friend. He was like ‘you are a gorgeous, smart girl and still guys see you as nothing as friend. And if they later do they dont want to fuck it up because you are like the only girl they actually are worried of losing as a friend’ (eeeh, thanks. I think).

Ive heard this before but im not sure what to do about it. Or thats not 100% true, right now im so in insta friend mode. Because even if im kind of lonely and miss someone I actually dont want to meet anyone yet. Hence – awesome friend. But then I dont know how to reverse it. So I hook all my friends up with girlfriends and then im the one left wondering what the fuck just happened.

Amyways, for your amusement, some of the messages ive got from guys (and nope, not answered)

True. This would almost have earned an asnwer if it wasnt for the fact that well, he is a man i dont know and that is like weird as shit.

Effort for trying. He almost tricked me. I was like ‘OMG, ive been reading this book about werewolves and dragons’ and then i was like ‘wait a second, you are just trying to make me write you you strange man’

This guy… Paris, London, the world. I like his use of flowers to punctuate his message and the very direct approach of making me a romantic dinner (we ALL know what that mean) and the ‘lets meet tomorrow’ before I have even said hi.

Wise words my friend. If you were an actually singer and wrote me a song you would have been home safe (and also kind of weird) but I like the effort.

Yeah, its a jungle out there. I think its safer to sit back at the sofa for the 3 weeks I have left before I need to live up to my promise. And work the magic of insta friend.

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