And it was a yes this time too

Wedding times this weekend. Malin and Hjalle tying the knot here in London. Friday was drinks in Parsons Green and then dinner with the crew. I ran into Pettan and was a bad dinner date but a very good smoking friend to Peter. I excuse myself with the fact that i havent seen him in years.

Saturday morning took my longest ever getting ready i think. No dog and up at 8 i painted my nails, did my hair and even moisturized. Shocker. I loved my dress. I bit like walking around in sofa fabric but extremly cool sofa fabric. You can also both spill and drink in it. Its like it was designed for me.

Excited in the cab on my way to a pre lunch. Eating is definitely not cheating if you are planning a 20h drink marathon.

Lunch was fun. Party music and dance.That was goes when you put 8 old lunda students in a room and give them alcohol.

Wedding ready.

And they did it. So happy.

Loved Malins dress. So simple and beautiful.

After the ceremony it was a bus to liverpool street area with champagne and eric being a tour guide.

Once there more drinks, food and meeting up and saying hi to all these people i havent seen in ages. So. Much. Fun.

Sat on the same table as these dress twins. The dinner was perfect – nice food and only 8 speeches so over early. Then started dancing. Live band and DJ. Everyone danced like there was no tomorrow. You can say one thing for their friends, they are all swedes of the best caliber loving their drinks and dancing.

Yup, me too. Had an amazing night and twirled around in my dress.

Also feeling very gangsta with Lollo. Gansta and ganska lurig. That is what 2 o clock should feel like always.

Ha, not the only one in a good mood. I dont always love swedes but i do love their ability to always rock a party.

When wedding was over I definitely wasnt so went with some of the crew to Ramusake for another couple of hurs dancing and then to Danis to close the party at 8.

I did have a moment when i was standing in fron of the mirror asking myself how the fuck i do it. I didnt get an answer.

Yesterday lunch Maggie and then DIE on the sofa. Very happy parents are here next weekend to take it easy. Well needed.

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