A sofa or a queen – the art of being perfect

Here are some more pictures from the wedding and you can actually properly see my dress and take the decision for yourself – did i look like a sofa or a queen?

On a bus. With champagne. And gorgeous people. Make tuesday want to go and hide.

Stealing someone elses boyfriend to pose with. Sorry Eva. And sorry Dad, I know you just want me to meet some well dressed man to take me off your hands. So far not so good.

Im a bit taken by my perfection in this picture (humble much). Im never, ever looking perfect. I dont do that stuff. I look cool. Or just a bit ratty. Here i look so…sweet and like i could be an ostermalms lady (filters ftw). I blame the champagne and the beautiful people and my borrowed boyfriend.

Better go straight back to normal me.

What a group of well dressed (queen or sofa?), grown up, gorgeous people. This was before Boten Anna happened.

Eeeeh queen! In this picture we ALL look so damn perfect. Only swedes. I dont know how an entire country got bred into such ‘not a hair out of the way’ country mum greateness. Damn, we even rival the americans (im not sure how to feel about this –  me and perfect dont mingle)

Ha! So much great in this picture. And a very happy groom.

Emma rocking the wet floor signs. As you do. Im sure they put them out there for us to play with. Very considerate.

My wedding description. You could say my brand is pretty consistent. Is it ok to be a little bit in love with yourself when you read about yourself? I dont care, i am. And to answer your question – i am a gogo dancing unicorn. Why have to choose when you can be both. Yes.

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