The weekend in all its glory

Friday. Weekend. (five power hand emojis). Here are some of the things im REALLY looking forward to.

– Mum and Dad in London. Yes. We will wander around doing completely useless things and eat banging food. And go to Oxford. And probably talk a lot about when im coming home. And if Im meeting any nice, swedish guys wearing jackets that are ready to marry me preferrable yesterday and take me off my parents hands.

– Cashing in my unexpected check with tax pay back. Win. Maybe ill buy myself something extra nice (cause its kind of my thing not buying enough clothes. Like those 2 (!!) pair of shoes I bought from other stories. One pair had electric blue soles. Say no more.)

– One or maybe two drinks tonight. And then hopefully head to The Troxes for some much needed baby and catch up time. A kiss from Alex and a cider and ill be owning this friday.

– Running off for a cheeky drink at Lollo’s bday drinks on Sat. I might put the oldies to bed and go and watch Lollo watch pretty men in tweed.

– Be dog free. Love my dogling but waking up on a weekend not having to walk him is pretty epic. Not seeing parents until midday tomorrow, that either means epic hang over time or read in bed. Cant. Choose.

Completely random picture of a pretty awesome necklace.

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