Broken arm party

So, well, broke my arm in a freak accident. As in I was standing completely still and then sliding on my shoes, movie style, and smashed my arm on a bench on the way down. Snap, broken in two pieces, like a twig.

After an agonising hour stuck in the office waiting for the ambulance with 5 very sweet boys hovering around me I finally got ambulances to the hospital high on laughing gas. Pain. The roads of London are shit with an arm where the bone pipes are dancing.

Dimitra being an angel joined me at the hospital and we spent 5 hours there – me high as a kite continiously saying ‘wowsa, there painkillers are AWESOME’ and poor D chain smoking cigs getting pretty bored. 

At midnight Elin came and took over and after a couple of more hours involving liquid morphine, not getting into a cab because pain and another painful can journey home I was finally on the dog being fed bolognese by nurse Elin. 

On Saturday Kix and Alex, Tom and roxy and mum and dad all came to visit. I felt pretty Royal (looked like death) but was kind of out of it so can’t say I remember much. 

Tomlins stayed and we watched movies in bed and ate pizza. Seriously, if you are to break your arm make sure you have friends moving in for an entire weekend. 

Arm was kept in a sling that was pretty much open over the break so every time I moved if was a bone dance making me sleep like a pretty corpse. I dream of sleeping laying down. 

On Sunday Tomlins left and mum and dad took over and we had Indian take away and I could actually sit by the table. Small victories. 

Monday and Kix, Alex  and Ziggy came to chill. Party. My flat filled with people. Nothing better to take your mind of the fracture feast that was going on. 

This little dude can make anyone happy. 

Ziggy is a little dog Angel and felt something was wrong so kept laying really close but not jumping me like he normally does. Sweetling. 

Kix had put a rota in place for people to come and cook me food so on Monday night Stab came to make me a sandwich tower and heat soup. Yes, most awesome friends in the world. 

Tuesday saw this little dude again and being kind of teary eyes because everyone is so fucking nice to me. Don’t deserve it but won’t say no when I can’t move. Just have to find a way to say thanks to all my brilliant friends. 

These two. So much love. Especially since Alex thinks I’m hilarious. I am little dude and you haven’t even seen my best yet.

Yesterday went to doctor and got robot arm. Feel pretty bad ass. Could also take a shower, hallelujah moment. Best is that I can actually move around pretty freely now and soon might venture out into the world. 

Because my friend are awesome (not sure I told you) Katta came by bringing Halloween gifts. My physical therapy is to build kinder toys and play with ghosts. Yes. 

Work sent flowers as well. I feel more and more like some kind of princess. But also broken. I would exchange the flowers for sleeping down any day. 

My fat, bruised arm. Look and feels like an over boiled sausage. Kix is on her way, was planning to make banana bread but might a bit too much for this broken robot girl. 

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