Please, give me a Betty

My friend Jason is pretty awesome. Just need to put it out there. In these weeks of my friends making me continiously teary eyed because hot damn they are taking care of me even my new friends like Jazzy D are being absolute stars.

Yesterday he came to mine for a Lord of the rings marathon. That would have been enough to melt my heart. But not only did he do that, he also made me dinner (salmon and home made sweet potato chips anyone?) and brought me 5 (!!) comic books to brighten my otherwise kind of boring days.

Let’s talk about these comic books. Not having read much more than elf quest as a kid (was in love with ALL the characters from that one) I’m a bit of a novice on comics.

Why? So far – brilliant. Started with the one appealing the me the most – Rat Queens. Not. Disappointed. 

Found my spirit animal. I mean come on, never found a better heroine than this. Betty, I want to be you and have you as my best friend at the same time.

Yes, she seriously packed candy and drugs for dinner and I love her with every last beat of my heart. 

This is what I want to say EVERY DAY. If I didn’t feel like I needed to get this right because don’t want to go through healing arm a second longer than needed I would also throw a party and have sex with Orc Dave. 

Or just sit in a corner, read my book and go no on all the pretty boys. That needs to happen too sometimes. 

But honestly, I’ll probably be Betty and make everyone candy apple martinis. Because candy and booze are two of my favourite things.
My confinement to the flat got instantly better thanks to Jason. That is no small feat. 

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