Home life

Chillin vanillin at home today. After my venture out to work yesterday arm was pretty fucked. As was I. Good thing is that it meant sleeping properly for almost the entire night. Blessed.

Morning was spent wrapped looking like Christmas. Can you believe I haven’t listened to Christmas songs once this year, the whole thing got interrupted by corpse arm. 

I also did some washing. It was even more boring than normal being one armed. 

Another thing that is not so much boring as really hard is making food. Here is what happened for today’s lunch. 

And I didn’t even make anything edible. This is tuna, hummus, olives and cucumber. Yes, Michelin starred. With one armed shopping and cooking you have to choose carefully what to imear. I apparently chose this…
Now going over to Laura’s since home is becoming just a tad too depressing. 

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