Christmas hippie

Went full on Christmas on this weekend. Why hold back? Arm is getting better, tomorrow i get to open my star wars calendar and in less than a month im eating mums cooking. Life is pretty bad ass at the moment.

Saturday morning breakfast. Just because you ar single dont mean you cant sit at the table and light some candles (grown up much). Look how im splashing out on my brekkie – 2 eggs and a piece of hard bread. See me rollin’

Put a couple of more pieces of Christmas up in he flat. Im missing Lucia this year but at least I have my little mini train

and my bigger light up train. Now i just need someone to deliver and put up a christmas tree for me. That is really the only thing you need boys for – practical stuff (and cuddles. Missing those)

After that very cozy morning I headed to the pub for Unibet Christmas lunch. I gor outfited with funky glasses

and hung out with my equally awesome looking ex colleagues. Great effort on the dress up.

Crazy thinking its 6 years since we all became friends. A lo of water under those bridges. Travels, parties, lunches, dinners, game nights and endless amounts of drinks and shots. What freinds are made off.

We had secret santa. I got given a set of Christmas dress up pieces. Yes Santa! This is one pretty magical outfit.

Sometimes you just look to good to not have about 100 photots taken of your smiling face. This was so one of those moments.

We texted with Tommy down in Somerset and used that as an excuse to take even more pictures. I also gave Charlotte some glowsicks. Raving Santa i call this look.

Told you, more pictures. Because why not (and those glasses are all kinds of epic)

Christmas hippe. Channeling.

We drank quite a lot of jagerbombs because jagerbombs is kind of liquid cocaine and make you instant happy and dancy. And we all know that is how i want my life to be always.

Left these party people to their own devices and headed off to meet Dave who had been home working all day.

Because im nice (and pretty drunk) I made him have 2 more jagerbombs with me to put us at level (which doesnt work if you drink them as well btw) and then we were supposed to watch Star Wars. Being fail couldnt make that work so ended up going scandi on his ass and watch the Bridge instead. You are welcome.

Sunday took W out by myself for the first time since arm. We rocked. Then sofaed. Rocked that too.

Stars and red candles

Stubborn as always i managed to get my new Christmas star from Ikea set up one handed by a lot of swearing and some fairly unconventional methods (the old put star between your knees and twist with your mouth is a classic).

And this is how pretty my flat is. It also smells of gingerbread from my candle. Downside is that it makes me constantly dreaming of sweeties. Upside is that i still have dough at home.

Welcome little star, you will make my winter nights less dreary.

My hyacinths are in full bloom and the red Christmas candles are up. Yes, it snuck in early. As every year. You cant go around doing it the proper way when it comes to something as important as christmas.

Ill end with a pic of the master chiller because look at him…


Yesterday was work conference. And we all know what that means – dinner on the company. And what a dinner. We went the Beast, one of Londons best restaurants.

The only thing the serve is norwegian king crab and meat. That might be the best combo ever. Steak – epic. Crab – even more epic.

When you walk in you get met by your dinner. Hello little crab, youll soon end up in my stomach. Nom nom.

And hello you cow as well. Pretty happy you are not alive though, that would have been awkward.

Swamp arm taking on the Beast. It sure has been out and about over the last couple of days. Coming back with a vengeance.

Things that are hard with one arm – eating crab legs. There were crab pieces in my hair. And on my colleagues. Potentially even in the ceiling.

But then i got GTs and everything was right in the world again.

The night might have ended at a strip club. With everyone but me getting lapdances. Maybe.

Star wars for the win

A month left to Christmas today. Countdown has started. In a week time for my star wars calendar AND beauty calendar *making swish hand*. If you dont have a boyfriend to make you something amazing you have to do what normal people do and buy your pleasures. Or get given it as with the star wars calendar (all hail to my friends)

Speaking of gifts. Anna, Totta and Lena was here over the weekend (Js family) and they left me a very golden, fancy bag as a thank you.

Imagine my absolute joy when it was a gingerbread smelling candle. Seriously. Top points for that gift.

To deal with all that excitment i went for dinner with Dani and Kirsten. They are drinking tequila at Wahaca, i had a green juice. Too many jagers this weekend for Monday drinking. We talked mostly about Danis and mine single life. Like a bad soap opera most of it. But i choose to think SATC.

Came home to my hound. He found the best position to stare longingly at me. We had a moment,

But, yesterdays best was my new star wars hoodie. I mean, who doesnt want a stormtrooper hoodie for cold winter nights?

3 bday celebrations in as many days

After all that fancy eating w Tom it was time for a weekend of even more fancy eating. My plan on cutting down on all things sweet for a while went topsy turvy out the window.

On Friday i was off work in anticipation of doctor appointmenr. I calmed my frayed nerves by a cider in the pub with a crew of misfits all off work for no reason. Kix, Robin, Sven over from Paris and Mark.

Then, doctor…

Happy news. Im healing and need no surgery. Even if its 3 more weeks of splint im getting slowly better and will be up to no good in no time.

Being pretty fucking HAPPY about these news i went a bit off the rails. Me and Jason had dinner for his bday and then went for drinks with his squad at ass kicking kung fu bar Pimp Shuei. After shit loads of jasilias (the banging shot Jason and me friended over – a jagerbomb w mint. Mmmhmmm) and numerous other wonderfully weird cocktails J, me and Js friend Improv Dave decided Night. Was. Not. Over and went to Bounce for a drink and a dance.

Once there J ninjaed out of the place and left me and Dave to keep the night going (red bull and pent up energy from weeks on the sofa means never ending fun) and we closed a couple of more places before heading to Daves for vodka coke and made in chelsea. As you do. We were still talking at 7 in the morning. Or, i was. Obviously havent met enough people over my 5 week confinement.

The day after i had to muster the energy to go to Lollos bday brunch. I had a couple of GTs and contemplated dying so went home for a shower and heading  over to Kixs for waffles and old war stories with Sven.

On Sunday woke up feeling like a glittering bauble (hard to see here i know) and took my splint off for the first time ever. Look at weird, knobbly arm. 

Had a little snooze with W before going to Electric for a sunday roast for Maddes bday and then ending evening with late night talk with Jackes sisters.

Today slut som artist as we say in Sweden. But, dinner with Kirsten and Dani tonight so need to pull myself together for one last hooray.

Duck and waffling it

On thursday i took Tommy and me almost all the way up to space. To the highest up restaurant i London – Duck and waffle. Very fancy. Us not so much. But we did enjoy the view, the food was delicious and more than anything – great company.

Tommy looking kind of sauve drinking smoky cocktails feeling very VIP sitting next to the window.

Look at this. 40th floor. ‘Look at all the tiny cars’. Standard. Its lucky when you are trying to give your friend a ticket to space that you end up at the window seat.

Me being handicapped can barely eat with cutlery so eventually we both helped out a bit with our hands. Dont say we cant do posh.

More view because yes!

Tommy kept proving the right in my decision of taking him fancy.

so as soon as we had eaten we left for the first pub and had sambucca and cider. A lovely night though and Tommy deserves to go as close to space as is possible for being the bestest.

Swamp arm goes to dinner

Dont know if you can see but i have actually done my nails. 5 weeks of nothing this felt like a halleluja moment. It did take forever and hand made by swamp arm look kinda of wonky but small victories. Im slowly getting back to normal, one day ill be able to shave my armpit again #lifegoals

(proof of done nails. Im also wearing a sweater for the first time since freak accident. #lifegoals2)

Tonight taking Tommy W to dinner. Highest up restaurant in London. Cause he loves space. Im fly like that. Too bad about swamp arm but this have been planned for months. We’re going to try and behave and be normal people for an evening. Wish us luck.

Tomorrow a couple of bday drinks AND the answer from Doc. Surgery or not. Im going to go full in unicorn again and believe im fixed. If not fuck my life.

You make me a happy camper

Got a card from Sanna the other day. Love it. Cards are brilliant. In these days of e-everything its very nice to get an actual card sent to work. 

Especially one with as lovely as message as this. It makes me want to go straight back into the desert in a caravan (or maybe not, its pretty grim when the toilet tank fills up…)
Only a couple of more days and ill know if im healing. Cross all your fingers and toes that ill be fixed by christmas. How am i to dress the trea and bake saffron buns otherwise?
Other than that, here is a fun link for you dad i know you’ll love..

My Christmas wish list

Hey Dad, here is a post for you and mum. Its a virtual Christmas wish list. I know youll start asking what i wish for soon so id thought i put it here. All while listening to Christmas songs of course.

Here goes (the rest of you can stop reading because, face it, my wish list isnt THAT interesting to anyone else.)

First, a watering can for my house plants (yes, old lady). Something not too big for the house. Maybe a bit like the below pictures.

The green one is from Designtorget and the silver from Granit. Preferrable something in metal or neutral colour since my flat is going bananas on the colours.

Second – black sneakers. Just a pair of normal, black sneakers with no crazy on (i know you love glitter mum but dont go there). Like the below. (size 40)

(guess i can accept some grey in there… Im crazy like that.)

I also found some nice stuff at H&M that are currently in store so attaching pictures dad and you can show them to mum (size is 38 but 40 in tight skirts – ass and thighs people).

White blouse. Here are some cute ones

Dresses. (obviously loving the colour green)

Skirts. (continuing green theme but its not just my fault…obv whats in the stores at the moment…)

Ive also been checking out the lovely cashmere hats at Cos. It looks boring but its the best, warmest hat ever.

And, also one of those foldable bags that mum have that i can use for travel. And last, but not least, the new Hassen khemiri book ‘allt jag inte minns’. But that can wait until its in pocket.

Making your own bed – harder than it seems

Back at work. Lets give this a new try. Its been exactly a month as of today. Kind of horrible (the whole broken arm thing), kind of awesome (all my friends being brilliant). All in all kind of happy its gone.

On Friday went for dinner with Dani and then ended up going Shoreditch House way. Stupid is as stupid does. Im being told off a lot these days but try being the on sitting on your sofa for 30 days… Tom and Benjie were there and we did what we always do – be frekking amazing.

On Saturday took a walk w Ol and Wool in the pouring rain.  It was nice. Despite rain. Me and Ol then had lunch and a propr catch up. He is doing well, makes me happy. Hell always have a place in my heart that lanky, meditating, lovely jesus looking man.

On Sunday went to Westfields w Robin and baby Alex, I bought cardigans. Not a massive cardigan fan but its the only thing i can wear at the moment. At least they were on sale. And kind of fly.

When i came home i contemplated the state of my shoulder. So, this is my shoulder. As you can see it looks like its missing a bit. It does. My muscle that have wasted away into nothingness. Poor muscleless shoulder.

Last but not least – a newly made bed. I did it all except for the duvet being very stubborn but Ol had to help me with the last bit since i just couldnt work out how to possibly one handed make the duvet. I contemplated for quite a while before giving up.