Making your own bed – harder than it seems

Back at work. Lets give this a new try. Its been exactly a month as of today. Kind of horrible (the whole broken arm thing), kind of awesome (all my friends being brilliant). All in all kind of happy its gone.

On Friday went for dinner with Dani and then ended up going Shoreditch House way. Stupid is as stupid does. Im being told off a lot these days but try being the on sitting on your sofa for 30 days… Tom and Benjie were there and we did what we always do – be frekking amazing.

On Saturday took a walk w Ol and Wool in the pouring rain.  It was nice. Despite rain. Me and Ol then had lunch and a propr catch up. He is doing well, makes me happy. Hell always have a place in my heart that lanky, meditating, lovely jesus looking man.

On Sunday went to Westfields w Robin and baby Alex, I bought cardigans. Not a massive cardigan fan but its the only thing i can wear at the moment. At least they were on sale. And kind of fly.

When i came home i contemplated the state of my shoulder. So, this is my shoulder. As you can see it looks like its missing a bit. It does. My muscle that have wasted away into nothingness. Poor muscleless shoulder.

Last but not least – a newly made bed. I did it all except for the duvet being very stubborn but Ol had to help me with the last bit since i just couldnt work out how to possibly one handed make the duvet. I contemplated for quite a while before giving up.

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