My Christmas wish list

Hey Dad, here is a post for you and mum. Its a virtual Christmas wish list. I know youll start asking what i wish for soon so id thought i put it here. All while listening to Christmas songs of course.

Here goes (the rest of you can stop reading because, face it, my wish list isnt THAT interesting to anyone else.)

First, a watering can for my house plants (yes, old lady). Something not too big for the house. Maybe a bit like the below pictures.

The green one is from Designtorget and the silver from Granit. Preferrable something in metal or neutral colour since my flat is going bananas on the colours.

Second – black sneakers. Just a pair of normal, black sneakers with no crazy on (i know you love glitter mum but dont go there). Like the below. (size 40)

(guess i can accept some grey in there… Im crazy like that.)

I also found some nice stuff at H&M that are currently in store so attaching pictures dad and you can show them to mum (size is 38 but 40 in tight skirts – ass and thighs people).

White blouse. Here are some cute ones

Dresses. (obviously loving the colour green)

Skirts. (continuing green theme but its not just my fault…obv whats in the stores at the moment…)

Ive also been checking out the lovely cashmere hats at Cos. It looks boring but its the best, warmest hat ever.

And, also one of those foldable bags that mum have that i can use for travel. And last, but not least, the new Hassen khemiri book ‘allt jag inte minns’. But that can wait until its in pocket.

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