3 bday celebrations in as many days

After all that fancy eating w Tom it was time for a weekend of even more fancy eating. My plan on cutting down on all things sweet for a while went topsy turvy out the window.

On Friday i was off work in anticipation of doctor appointmenr. I calmed my frayed nerves by a cider in the pub with a crew of misfits all off work for no reason. Kix, Robin, Sven over from Paris and Mark.

Then, doctor…

Happy news. Im healing and need no surgery. Even if its 3 more weeks of splint im getting slowly better and will be up to no good in no time.

Being pretty fucking HAPPY about these news i went a bit off the rails. Me and Jason had dinner for his bday and then went for drinks with his squad at ass kicking kung fu bar Pimp Shuei. After shit loads of jasilias (the banging shot Jason and me friended over – a jagerbomb w mint. Mmmhmmm) and numerous other wonderfully weird cocktails J, me and Js friend Improv Dave decided Night. Was. Not. Over and went to Bounce for a drink and a dance.

Once there J ninjaed out of the place and left me and Dave to keep the night going (red bull and pent up energy from weeks on the sofa means never ending fun) and we closed a couple of more places before heading to Daves for vodka coke and made in chelsea. As you do. We were still talking at 7 in the morning. Or, i was. Obviously havent met enough people over my 5 week confinement.

The day after i had to muster the energy to go to Lollos bday brunch. I had a couple of GTs and contemplated dying so went home for a shower and heading  over to Kixs for waffles and old war stories with Sven.

On Sunday woke up feeling like a glittering bauble (hard to see here i know) and took my splint off for the first time ever. Look at weird, knobbly arm. 

Had a little snooze with W before going to Electric for a sunday roast for Maddes bday and then ending evening with late night talk with Jackes sisters.

Today slut som artist as we say in Sweden. But, dinner with Kirsten and Dani tonight so need to pull myself together for one last hooray.

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