Duck and waffling it

On thursday i took Tommy and me almost all the way up to space. To the highest up restaurant i London – Duck and waffle. Very fancy. Us not so much. But we did enjoy the view, the food was delicious and more than anything – great company.

Tommy looking kind of sauve drinking smoky cocktails feeling very VIP sitting next to the window.

Look at this. 40th floor. ‘Look at all the tiny cars’. Standard. Its lucky when you are trying to give your friend a ticket to space that you end up at the window seat.

Me being handicapped can barely eat with cutlery so eventually we both helped out a bit with our hands. Dont say we cant do posh.

More view because yes!

Tommy kept proving the right in my decision of taking him fancy.

so as soon as we had eaten we left for the first pub and had sambucca and cider. A lovely night though and Tommy deserves to go as close to space as is possible for being the bestest.

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