Star wars for the win

A month left to Christmas today. Countdown has started. In a week time for my star wars calendar AND beauty calendar *making swish hand*. If you dont have a boyfriend to make you something amazing you have to do what normal people do and buy your pleasures. Or get given it as with the star wars calendar (all hail to my friends)

Speaking of gifts. Anna, Totta and Lena was here over the weekend (Js family) and they left me a very golden, fancy bag as a thank you.

Imagine my absolute joy when it was a gingerbread smelling candle. Seriously. Top points for that gift.

To deal with all that excitment i went for dinner with Dani and Kirsten. They are drinking tequila at Wahaca, i had a green juice. Too many jagers this weekend for Monday drinking. We talked mostly about Danis and mine single life. Like a bad soap opera most of it. But i choose to think SATC.

Came home to my hound. He found the best position to stare longingly at me. We had a moment,

But, yesterdays best was my new star wars hoodie. I mean, who doesnt want a stormtrooper hoodie for cold winter nights?

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