Christmas hippie

Went full on Christmas on this weekend. Why hold back? Arm is getting better, tomorrow i get to open my star wars calendar and in less than a month im eating mums cooking. Life is pretty bad ass at the moment.

Saturday morning breakfast. Just because you ar single dont mean you cant sit at the table and light some candles (grown up much). Look how im splashing out on my brekkie – 2 eggs and a piece of hard bread. See me rollin’

Put a couple of more pieces of Christmas up in he flat. Im missing Lucia this year but at least I have my little mini train

and my bigger light up train. Now i just need someone to deliver and put up a christmas tree for me. That is really the only thing you need boys for – practical stuff (and cuddles. Missing those)

After that very cozy morning I headed to the pub for Unibet Christmas lunch. I gor outfited with funky glasses

and hung out with my equally awesome looking ex colleagues. Great effort on the dress up.

Crazy thinking its 6 years since we all became friends. A lo of water under those bridges. Travels, parties, lunches, dinners, game nights and endless amounts of drinks and shots. What freinds are made off.

We had secret santa. I got given a set of Christmas dress up pieces. Yes Santa! This is one pretty magical outfit.

Sometimes you just look to good to not have about 100 photots taken of your smiling face. This was so one of those moments.

We texted with Tommy down in Somerset and used that as an excuse to take even more pictures. I also gave Charlotte some glowsicks. Raving Santa i call this look.

Told you, more pictures. Because why not (and those glasses are all kinds of epic)

Christmas hippe. Channeling.

We drank quite a lot of jagerbombs because jagerbombs is kind of liquid cocaine and make you instant happy and dancy. And we all know that is how i want my life to be always.

Left these party people to their own devices and headed off to meet Dave who had been home working all day.

Because im nice (and pretty drunk) I made him have 2 more jagerbombs with me to put us at level (which doesnt work if you drink them as well btw) and then we were supposed to watch Star Wars. Being fail couldnt make that work so ended up going scandi on his ass and watch the Bridge instead. You are welcome.

Sunday took W out by myself for the first time since arm. We rocked. Then sofaed. Rocked that too.

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