In bed with John Lennon

Im still standing. Barely. My 5 day drinking week have taken its toll on me and im very happy for the various pots and creams with rejuvenating stuff ive gotten in my advent calendar. Desperate measures. One things with SATC is that you never really got to see their hung overs – just their fabulousness. Unfortnately there is also dead tired hung overs. Every time.

Oh well. Worth it. Im only at the tender age of 33 after all. Friday was Christmas Party. Me and scandi crew drank GT at work, snazzed ourselves up in the bathroom and headed off to rock the pop art themed party at House of Vans. My main goal for the night was to have dinner since i tend to forget that in the heat of the moment. And what do you know – no dinner. Glad i dont disappoint.

The party was cool, as always. There was Marilyn Monroes running around, a cinema (why?), popcorn (yes – but half salt half sweet – who do that?), face paint, a photo booth, free bar, food (for those who actually eat and isnt just fuelled on GT) and a bed where you could hang out with the man – John  Lennon.

Guess where you found me? Jumping on bed with JL of course and eating his pot with peas (guess I had some dinner after all). I was almost thrown out but Sam, the guy, defended me. Thank you unknown Lennon actor.

I also found my inner artist. My colleague Julian brought his polaroid and unwisely left it with me saying ‘make me proud’. My first project was ‘Inception’. I had people posing for a picture and then giving that picture to the next set of people photographing them holding the picture. Like a never ending inception of polaroids within a polaroid. Deep.

Too bad I was pretty drunk and couldnt wait for the polaroids to develop. And my photo aim was a bit wonky.

Then i made people stay in the bed with Lennon. ‘The make love not war’ series. Pretty pop art. Im sure julian was very happy to see all of his polaroids go on my artistic vision.

Thank God I went home when the party stopped. Or maybe thank me.

On Saturday i had to get up at 8 to get the dog. I went to bed at 4.30. It was a tired me dragging my body across town. Being stoooopid and having some kind of death wish i had promised to go to a black tie charity event in the afternoon. Picture above is me taking a power nap fully dressed in my gala dress and make up while waiting for Lollo to get ready.

Still stoopid, still death wish I continued on to a dinner with part of the burner crew after the event where there was only vodka and then to Danis for ‘one last drink’ before heading home to W. Somrwhere around there I was ready to go on all night and massively pouty about the going home thing.

Until i came home to this little dude. He is not impressed by his mums party life style but since his daddy didnt really think and got a flat where he cant have him over night this is what he have to deal with. Sorry W, you have two pretty crap owners.

Sunday. My advent calendar had this in it. Wish I could have just drank it and cleaned all the sins from my insides. Instead i had to face the demons. My day was spent watching every sweet movie i could think of to not have to deal with the gloom that comes after that many days of drinking.

This week only drinking plans on thursday. Dear me, let it stay that way.

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