cigarette love

Still tired as f…. Was supposed to go to bed early yesterday but Ol came over with Woolly and we ended up talking for 2 hours. He’d just been to a meditation retreat and tried to convince me about the benefits of meditating. Still not convinced. I go along the ‘head through the damn wall instead’. Any way to silence the chaos that is my mind.

Here are some more nice pictures from Friday to remind of less tired times.

Me explaining something to the girls. Love that i look like im casting some kind of spell. And that we are all wearing black. Like glamorous witches,

Bad assing around with the swedish crew. Im honorary member now. Only took me two years to be accepted (to be honest, thats all me, I just dont socialise at work)

Not really sure what going on with Chia’s face but i look like a bad ass ad for smoking. I kind of want to be me in this picture.

The Band. This is us rocking a band pose. I should so have been born to be a true rocker, I got that shit down. And also, im about a head taller than everyone else. WTF. I dont really see myself as that tall any longer until i see a pic like this.

Coolest squad on the block.

Some mood pictures from the party. Marilyn’s dancing. I might have been dancing on that little stage all night. Figured that if i fell i at least wouldnt break another arm.

Our former CEO and now chairman of the board. If i ever start a multi million company this is what my parties will look like as well. That is promise you.

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