Unicorn tears

Went to the doctors yesterday. My man Mr Dr and I discussed the fact that im healing nicely (woohoo), have about 4-6 weeks before im all there (less woohoo but still) and that im pretty bad ass for being able to almost straighten the elbow and put my hand over the head (double woohoo).

Take that ‘you are shit at healing’ body of mine, im rocking again.

W has got a new snazzy coat. Looking all suave for the dog ladies. Last night he put his head on the other pillow, but his little paw on my cheek and fell asleep like that. I thought. Every time i looked at him he just stared at me. Those eyes, never leaving me. Creep. Then he barked half the night at the foxes outside. W you little weirdo.

Spending the day at home yesterday because of doctor and other things i decided to wrap the gifts that are staying here in London. Love wrapping. I also went to the garden cafe with Oliver and bought myself a new mini cactus. Because cactuses are trendy and im way cool.

Then i got sent a link to the Best. Thing. Ever. This is an actual thing. Unicorn tears and gin – my 2 favourite things. If anyone want to give me a gift I wouldnt say no to this awesomeness. It even have silver in it. Dreamy.

Speaking of awesome things. Sister sent me these pictures today and reminded me that we see each other in about a week. A WEEK. Thats like no time at all (if you dont think about the star wars movie because i wont see that until the 2nd of Jan and that is KILLING me)

I leave you with this image of summer and sun and smiles. Me, im getting ready to bust some moves at hip hop karaoke tonight with Jason and Dave. They wont sing, I feel like i have to represent with my racist ears. See me rollin’

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