Being todays bitch

So, yesterday happened. I wish it didnt. Or today. Or, maybe I wish today could just go back to bed and give up. Or that i could. Either way today is making me its bitch.

We had secret Santa at work. Having come out as a nerd with my SW calendar my gift was a given. And highly addictive. Find the wookie. Better than that Wally.

We then went for Xmas lunch with the team. I wore a hat. This is where things went wrong. Never wear a hat if you are planning not to go big (i mean, i was planning on going big. Just a pro tip).

After xmas lunch I met up w Jason and his new gf for predrinks before hip hop karaoke. Or pre jagers. Sexy body bags were discussed. And sex with chickens (Tommy, ill be in your debt forever for that story). Once in the line for hippedihopp karaoke we realised we would never get in. So we waited for an hour because Jason is very stubborn. VERY. I was strictly forbidden to discuss my racist ears or my country house in the line. Then Dave showed up, waited for about 10 min and then put an end to the waiting around. Thank you.

We could have gone home. We didnt. Instead we went to Roxy and Dave played catch up. He failed since i matched him shot for shot. Im nice like that. We danced and scream sang to Xmas songs. I smoked and Dave told me about his plans of bying a flat in Bangkok and tour Asia. I smoked some more and took another shot. Because traveling vs tubing in London.

Today very weak. Like a broken doll. Damn you red bull aka liquid cocaine.

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