Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Leaving you with one last post before jumping on that jetplane and leaving for the motherland. Counting down the hours, only 5 more to go.

Ol gave me a Xmas gift yesterday. A light bulb. Mine is broken and have been since the arm (things break in 3 – arms, light bulbs, kitchen drawers). He started by saying ‘there is another gift so dont take the piss of me on the blog’ (sorry, but HAVE to) and continued with ‘I couldnt stand you not having light in your room, now you just have to screw it in’.

I wonder who i can find to do that for me?

I then stumbled into ANOTHER of these biking photographers. Couldnt even ask if he drinks. I know the answer (and swiped no before even checking).

(It might sound like i minded Ol not drinking, I didnt. (I did however recent the biking) but there is no need to go for exactly the same guy twice. They would only be a pale version anyway. Like when Rachel meets Russ in friends after breaking up with Ross)

Kix decided to help me on the way by suggesting some questions for me to ask before even agreeing to a date. I obviously need all the help i can get (and yeah – anyone who is looking for a book club for hiking books can get out of here)

Finally – Santa C3PO saying Merry Christmas and see you on the other side of embarassing amounts of christmas ham and saffron buns.

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