When Christmas is around the corner go kung fu on life

Jason and me went to the Xmas bash at Pimp Shuei yesterday. Because everyone need a kung fu themed dive bar where you get a high five and your favourite drink when you walk in. And lift you up into the air Christmas hugs when you leave. And weird convos about sparkly cum inbetween.

Jason and me had our last night out before Xmas. I gave him a truly epic SW Monopoly (self gifting  – hope to get to play soon. We cant drink before we are seeing the movie on the 2nd (so long left to go, i might cry) so this will be the perfect past time to get in the mood.)

and he gave me home made banana bread. It was moist. I think i won. But i do have a christmas gift problem. Normal people dont spring gifts on people like that. (Sis still havent recovered from last Xmas.)

Me and Chuck trying to figure things out. Looking equally smart. I blame the never ending spiced up GTs.

Beacuse yes. Was trying to convince Jason that im cool as a brother. But, since it was racist Monday he just made me look white. Thanks for that. One day he wont look at me with those prejudiced eyes against my streetness.

Had to pick up the woolmaster on the way home so left at 9. Probably for the best. I dont trust J for a second when it comes to stopping me from the last monday before xmas drinking.

This morning absolute epicness in the SW calendar. R2D2. With reindeer horns. That is how you get in the mood for Xmas people.

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