A white Christmas after all

We all know Christmas and NYE happened by know. And hopefully we all came out bright, shiny and new on the other side. Or at least came out on the other side.

Ill try and catch up with everything thats happened since last time i wrote but bear me while i try and get over 2015 and get into 2016. So far this year have mostly been about hang over, sofa and going to the cinema. Pretty much the same as every year.

But first, Christmas.

Country house. No surprises there. Dad and me in front of the tree. Mega traitor little brother didnt join until 24th so i had to dress the tree on my own #neverforget.

Another tradition is getting a marsipan pig from dad. He looked like he had a pretty shit 2015 too. I feel you little dude.

Only 25 of us this year. But still heaps of gifts.

I got the best gift though, a BM fur poncho that dad went out and got for me. Whenever i wonder how i became this weird, never stop dancing unicorn i look at my dad and its pretty clear. The blood runs through in this one.

Betrayer finally came down and we had one of those 5 hour history and politics discussions. Dad and me mostly drank and ate.

And like every year (love the no surprises around xmas) the kidlings came and drove their grandpa crazy with their running around. So i came up with sloth catch (sengångarkull) to make them run really, really slowly. High five me.

More babies. Finally met Fs little Ingo. She will pick up the mantle in 18 years or so. That gives me enough time to grow up. Hopefully.

Hej, hej little angel.

F and me took the baby to Taverna brillo and ate löjromspizza and drank alcohol. The only way to hang out with a baby.

To make things even more magical it started snowing. I must have done something good this year because it was really the only thing i truly wanted for Xmas (except for like a flat, a boyfriend and 5 babaies of course)

Dinner at Jakobs and Sandras new place. I drank loads of GT and was VERY disappointed when we had to leave.

But woke up to this and had a ‘fuck yeah’ moment because life.

Walked with the parents and contemplating never going back to London. Maybe just stay in Sweden and work it all out eventually.

Hello to all my fans (yes you Dad)

Its hard hating on life when it looks like this.

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