Friends doing what friends do best

Out with my beloved best weirdos last night – the Unibet crew. They were all on point doing what they do best.

Tommy doubled up on the Long Island ice teas from the start because ‘need to get smashed really early so i get to sleep and not too hangy tomorrow.’ Sound logic. We also talked messy love lives. Because thats what you do with the people that have your back.

Anna was a c**nt fighting, rightly so, with the 20 something girls having stolen our seats. A proud c**nt. Because really she is so not, just a bad ass. She then cheered us on drinking tequila and wanted to go until 5 in the morning. I stopped that because 6 years older than that youngster.

Charlotte got really drunky, really early and kept saying she loved each one of us. Ditto. So much love from and for that girl. My favourite kiwi.

Maarit and me talked Tinder and how to puzzle that whole dating vs friends vs you thing that is called life. We also planned awesome times for my bday.

Jack and me was doing some epic sit dancing. Say no more.

Standard night in other words. They always end with too many drinks and some great convos and me patting my own back for awesome friends.

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