limos and champagne and warehouse parties and dancing on tables and jägerbombs and lost keys and very short skirts

This have been one of the longest weekends in a long time. In a good way but still. Today i feel like i need to get a hobby and/or move to the country side and grow vegetables. Or become a teetotaler. Maybe Ol wasnt so wrong after all.

On Friday headed up East way to celebrate Elin. Tom had planned a surprise drink for her and some other ‘small things’. Little did we know that the first of those were us in a stretch hummer.

We channeled our inner Essex and fueled the night with cheap champagne and ready made GT in a can.

The limo took us around town for an hour and Elin kept yelling ‘bicthes, its my birthday’ through the window while the rest of us got drunker.

The king of birthday planning.

After an hour in the limo we picked up Elias straight from Paris and went to the next stop – an Escape game. Meaning you get stuck in a  room and get an hour to get out having to solve loads of puzzles. We did ehrm…ok. Took us 59 min and 33 sec. I blame the booze. And the fact they kept scaring the shit out of us.

Next was dinner at Bodega Negra and then we headed up East again for a couple of drinks at Tomlins. I stayed on the sofa.

The day after was Elins actually bday so we went to have some lunch. Decided to have a bloody mary and then things went downhill. Parked ourselves in a pub and started to collect a crew. Ben came and Jean and Blanca as well as Jesse and Eme. This turned into hours and hours of GTs and jägerbombs and after 10 hours in the pub we headed over the Bens new place in Seven Sisters.

This is Benjie adding cucumber to our GTs. About 15 min later his flat mates came home and we ended up having a danceathon party until 6 in the morning. Yes, i stood on tables. There was also a lot of interpreting dance on the floor. And socks being thrown. And free flowing drinks.

I stayed over and woke up to a sunny sunday morning wearing the same clothes ive been in for 3 days. After a fry up with Ben and George it was finally time to head home. Jumped in the cab and made plans with Albin for him to come over.

After an hour in the car i turned up at the flat and realised i lost my keys at the same time my batteries died. Rang the door bell but no Jacke. Since i wasnt sure Albin were coming (i had the time to send a ‘lost my keys message’) i waited for him for 90 min before being so cold I had to go for some dinner.

When i came back home it turned out that a) J was home, he was just sleeping in a dark flat not waking up from me calling/texting/ringing the bell b) Albin came about 10 min after i left but had headed home c) A shower might have been the best thing to ever happen to me.

I believe that you might all be with me on the flee to the country thing.

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