The puzzle queen

Worked from home yesterday in wait for a delivery. Good for me because it meant i could keep laying my puzzle. Because damn its addictive.

What up with this puzzle thing one might ask. Valid. I decided i needed a hobby that had zero chance for alcohol and remembered loving puzzles as a kid so why not.

Went to the store and decided to go big on a 1000 piece puzzle. Because im fly like that.

Invited Albin over. We puzzled for like 5 hours. I mean, who does netflix and chill these days? Bad asses puzzle. He had bought me ice cream to cheer me up in my mentally challenged Monday state. That melted away while we were both engrossed in this riveting past time (well, some of it might have been eaten as well)

Come yesterday I spent most of the day staring at this frustrating, rewarding and oddly calming picture. I mostly put the same coloured pieces together to make it look like i got further than i have.

Then i took selfies to show i do more than drink. And to prove the puzzle do what planned. Jean asked me if I wanted to go to a gig and I even dolled up, gold skirt and make up, before taking a nap to NOT bail when i woke up. Slept there like a dead egyptian queen. Then i woke up, saw the puzzle and the rain and decided to stay home.

Puzzle vs jägerbomb 1-0

Then this guy happened. Yes. Amazed that not more guys understand that the way to a womans heart really go through books. And that its the best way to get to know someoone to know what they read. And that the best gift someone could ever give you is their favourite books. That really means something.

(yes, my copy of A little life still sits at home waiting for the right person)

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