After work done right. So very right.

This weekend though. Wouldnt guess im turning 34 in two weeks. But i call bullshit on living your age anyway.

Tove landed on Friday and its not lying saying we were VERY excited. Like ‘OMG, OMG, OMG’ excited. After downing a cider we headed for OOOAW.


Best. Party. Concept. Ever. Like Burning Man for the city. Slightly less naked people, equal amount of glitter.

I took to it like vodka to redbull. Epic combo.

The boys blue steeling. They handed out those glasses. Made everyone look very smart. Except apparently me. According to Miles they were great because they made me look ‘slutty smart’. Cheers.

This girl <3. My sister from another mister. All the way. WHY does she live in Sweden? (my liver says YES because would potentially die if we were in the same city). She loves vodka redbull just as much as me AND has always been my 'all night dancing in the sauna' soulmate so LOVE:

Lets just say things were on TOP.!!!

I mean, look at this shit. Sparklers, glitter, merch glasses…

….pigs. What is not to love!? (love that Lollo is sandwiched between Albin and the pig. Pretty wicked sandwich)

These boys KNOWS how to throw a party. For the next one Ill make everyone I know go and ill pretend i made it myself and take all the credit (have to be smart)

Might have died and gone to party heaven. And such a great concept that you are done by 10 pm and can head home for a good night’s snooze.

Unless you have party girl issues of course and cant stop believing. Which is all of us. So we headed to Lollos, bought indian food and gin and decided party needed to continue until we all fell over from tired.

And fueled on liquid cocaine that didnt happen until 3 am so we had many hours to scream sing swedish songs, try to avoid Rocky’s wandering hands and fight about the merch (OOOAW hats are the dog’s bollocks*)

Miles looked on point. English lad goes Swede. So. Very. English.

This picture… Its NOT Lollo having suddenly gone 8 months pregnant. It’s Katta ass in a very unlucky (or lucky because genius picture) angle.

By 3 we went home and found Jacke and Rocky on the sofa so stayed up for another hour (smart move).

Saturday was tough. Fought the crowds in NH, had a ‘we are driniking again tonight and need a proper lunch’ lunch and took an hour pause on the bed cry laughing about the previous night. Because brilliant.

Then put on the warrior paint and headed out again. We are nothing if not troopers.

Met the crew at Kosmopol and the Ramusake. Tove and me decided we needded something ‘that tastes good and are good for you’. Vodka redbulls FTW. Here shots (espcially Tove cant wait. Focused).

Yes. That went the way you can imagine it did. Food was barely there sushi which didnt help.

But. GOOD NIGHT. Dancing, drinking, owning, making about a 100 new friends. What we do best in other words.

When the club closed at 3 we were not done. I mean, really. Told you, party girl issues. So me, Tove, Robert and curtain henke headed to mine where we drank unicorn tears and ate ice cream. As you do.

When i woke up, fully clothed and make up down to my arm pits, they were all gone. Like some fairy had pointed its wand and taken away all the magic and left me with the above.


But i went and got my dog, made popcorn and stayed on the sofa all day. Its the only thing to be done after a weekend like this.


*for you non londoners it means THE BEST

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