Feeling thursdayd

Had dinner with Ol last night. Our little hound was a miserable little monster after hurting his foot and massively milking it so we went to the vet and then he got carried home. For 20 min. He weighs 15kg. Lets just say Ol did 18 of those 20 minutes. I blame swamp arm for my poor performance but honestly, Im just really weak.

So nice having a catch up. Gods know its not always easy being friends with your ex but its worth it, love that tape worm weirdo.

Tonight seeing George and being dog free. Wohoo, feels like i need to rave it up to celebrate but honestly, still feeling the weekend. Just realised i forgot my change of clothes at home (dad avert your eyes) so guess Friday’s party will be spent in todays dressed down outfit. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Outfit. Not actually what im wearing today but almost. Have a t-shirt on instead. With pink metallic lines. Like a cool 90’s kid on acid. Did I hear grown up? Didnt think so.

Peace out party people. Love is blind

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