Dont befriend your local bartender

Was supposed to meet George yesterday but he had to work (booo) so grabbed my favourite crazy french guy Jean and went up to try Dans new drinks menu at Callooh Callay. The nerd trio helped him write the Sherlock Holms back story for it (late night SOS messages from Dan of ‘DONT SLEEP – READ MY STORY’ to wake up to many mornings) and we went to the back bar JubJub to try it out.

That would have been a couple of drinks and then home if Jean and me hadnt decided to befriend this awesome girl called Charlie and then gone to her bar that was just around the corner to throw an afterparty in the closed bar until 4 in the morning.

Dont befriend bartenders…they are awesome people and give you booze cheap. Which isnt the best idea for me ever. Also, dont have amazing french friends that are your best and worst combo ever. Love Jean but he is even worse than i am. Think about that one.

So life continue to be fun but mental but fun.

Before that had a quick beer with Tommy, Elin and Roxy.

Tonight Rocky’s bday drink and tomorrow a leaving drink. But, might have to forcefully make myself stay on the sofa tomorrow because too much. Life. Just generally.

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