Dont you dare rain on my boss bitch parade

So, men…they are hopeless human beings arent they. At least when they are a) just not that interested b) completely contrary to what you want them to be and c) dont get you in even the slightest.

And when they are all of that.


Must admit to sitting at home on the sofa all weekend didnt help in the slightest BUT when George cancelled on me thursday due to working (totally cool (Yeah, fine, might have had a total crazy bitch moment and been anything but cool but we all know what i did with my thursday so out boss bitched the mental bitch)) but then kind of went radio silence on the weekend (totally NOT cool – waiting by the phone awakens my inner ice queen. He is only saved by previous sweetness and SC ticket in the future) I was so unhappy with him.

Dont rain on my boss bitch parade.

He did however text on Sunday (by then I had gone white walker on my icy queeniness. Totally wanted to kidnap female babies making them into men hating mini me’s), we chatted a bit and then i asked if he wanted to meet up this week.

No answer.

Really!? Karma is a bitchier bitch than me because that is what ive done to every boy since meeting G. Radio silence. Do not like to be on the receiving end of that shit.

Anyway, this morning he texted the above. So not out of the woods. Where is my mental fist bump? That future SC ticket is hanging very loose. If i didnt like him, he was such an awesome nerd (and had a heart shaped cheese in my fridge to stare at me every time i open the door) he would be out.

Me and the coven (my witch bitches of whatsapping friends) have decided to give him another couple of days and if nothing – BOOM. Call some cute guys and get self esteem back up to 100.

Good thing other sweet George’s are writing me little nightly messages to remind me im awesome. And that there are twinkled eyed, bearded, dancing, amazing guys out there for me to crush on if needs be.

Flytta på dej

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