Going crazy in my lonesome

Ok, so you know when you say you need a break. Or, at least you know when I say i need a break because that happens regularly like clock work. After thursday’s impromptu drinking fest my liver felt like twice its size and my insides like its been bathed in all sorts of alcohol. Not pretty.

So, needed a break. And man, did the gods listen. My little man, the sometimes bane of my existence, made sure to need an operation and then had me sitting on the sofa watching out for him licking his paw. All weekend. And to put a cherry on top he also had me waking up about 5 times a night to scream at him to STOP LICKING THAT PAW. Because fucktard dog that doesnt get simple things like dont lick your broken paw.

Why no cone you might wonder.

Well, Oliver forgot the cone at the vets and decided to make one instead.

All good in the hood since Ol is a ninja and he made Wool (in this picture SO FUCKING high he kept falling over. Like his mummy) a flashy pink cone out of some plastic binders.

Unfortunately the cone made him puke. And moan. And then puke some more. So i had to give up on flashy pink fashionista dog and ended sleeping with his paw in my hand. And waking up every time he moved. I think we hated eachother at some point there.

Saturday he felt VERY sorry for himself. Especially since i kept telling him off for licking that paw. Evil mummy. Since no cone I couldnt leave the house. Or shower. Flash backs from being swamp armed.

After another night of non sleep W and me awoke on Sunday with tired eyes and tired of being at home. Ol came by to fed us and gave me a break so I could go to sainsburys. For 10 min. Woohoo, freedom. Then he was off living the high life with his girlfriend and I grumped away on the sofa stuck with doggy angry at the world (apparently not sleeping or seeing the outside dont do much for your mental health.)

I did shower though. When you can smell yourself shower have to happen. When i came out W had licked that paw into a little wet slug. Damn you W. I put on ‘slouching around at home feeling sorry for myself hating on men (will tell you that story one day)’ outfit and decided to have a little head phone dance party to make myself happy.

It kind of worked. Sent a pic to Rocky of him and his bff Katta. Like a giant goddess blessing their friendship. Then i danced for an hour and watched some of the new netflix series Love. Its amazing. Also hits a bit close to home for me at the moment. Like a mirror you are not sure you want to have a look in.

Kind of happy going into work this morning. Hello outside.

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