When your friends go on a date (and you get to go with them)

Had no plans for yesterday and had resigned to my fate of sitting at home browsing netflix hoping to find something fun to watch keeping an eye on my naughty dog.

Exciting times. In the middle of tidying my flat (nothing fun on netflix whatsoever) my phone pinged…

…and this one happened. Katta was out on a friend date (jury is still out on that one – she is not a master befriender like me) with my BM friend Armin she met at my party and when they walked into the bar he had chosen for the night the bartender is…George.

Ha, poor Katta, trying to go inkognito in East and having my friends popping up everywhere. Too bad for her but awesome for me because it meant I had double live streaming from the night.

Made myself some popcorn and sat back enjoying myself. Also looped in Lollo being at home with her new man to share this awesome story with someone.

I told G to make sure Katta didnt get too drunk to not fail on the whole befriending thing (its a lot harder to dodge kisses when you are too drunk to stand, you kind of fall into them), Katta told me G made them drink whiskey shots (wtf). Eventually Dan showed up but Katta left before she could enjoy the nerd sandwich (might be thats just enjoyable to me – hearing two boys wet their pants over Star wars might not be everyones cup of tea).

Felt like a friendly spirit over Katta’s night. Apparently they went to some ping pong place and then Calloh Callay. Seems the befriending went okay-ish. No definite ‘lets be bffs and you wing man me next time i want to pick up girls’ (my goal after a successful befriending) but also no ‘here’s my heart and my undying love and the keys to my flat and lets take my last name when we get married’. I would say Katta did well. She is very hot so the odds are not in her favour.

Before that Katta sent me a master spy picture. Yes. My insides and my liver did a little dance at seeing hot guy serving drinks. I want my men tasting like drinks and late night debauchery.

This is how a night on the sofa should be. If you are on an unwilling detox week due to dogling at least have friends living it up with each other. Thank you Katta for making my night.

Tonight im off to see Jason doing some comedy. I have promised to laugh. And take pictures. What bffs are for.

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