I feel cocooned in the safety of this unknown boy

He lays me down on the beach, hold his hand behind my head for my hair not to get messed up by the sand and kisses me like it’s the only thing that matters to him.

We’ve been dancing on the beach for the last 2 hours and before that we’ve had dinner and drunk endless amounts of mojitos. It feels like half a lifetime since this cute, bearded Spanish guy danced up to me in the little beach bar and tried to salsa me into flirting back with him.

The salsa didn’t work but that never ending laughter and sweet smile did.

‘It’s cold’ he says and shivers in his t-shirt. It is but I can’t tell because he covering me to keep me warm and I smile under his beard and pull my arms out to warm him up.

We lay there in the cold sand, me literally cradled in his arm from him trying to keep me from the sand and sheltering me from the cold and I feel cocooned in the safety of this unknown boy.

Later I wake up with a start. I see the sun go up over the horizon and know I need to run back to Sanna since we are leaving for the airport. I wake the boy still holding me with a kiss on the nose and we leave the beach blinking the sleep out of our eyes.

Alvaro stops a cab and after a kiss jump in and I walk off. Suddenly I see him come running down the street.

‘Your number’ he yells and I see that the number I’ve written on his arm earlier have been washed off. He stops in front of me with a sheepish grin and gives me the pen and I write with big numbers all over his arm.

He laughs his infectious laugh, picks me up and twirls me around.

‘I see you around sueca guapa’ he says before he jumps in the cab again and are off.

I walk home in the sunrise thinking that this is what it’s all about. The stories.

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