Unexplained stains

Went to see Jason do his comedy sketches last night. Impressed! It had me howling with laughter, especially the gigantic inflated penis part (hard to mess that up).

The call themselves ‘unexplained stains’ and here is one part of the duo with his unexplained stain (its tooth paste btw, I got to see behind the scenes).

The other act was book based improv. Fun but kind of weird. Didnt exactly want to make me do improv because SCARY. Dave came down (his name is improv dave after all) and brought me a very sweet gift – a puzzle with no picture to go after. I know what im doing tonight (need to solve my first one, its just sitting on the dining table taking up space)

Otherwise life. Me and W will cozy up on the sofa tonight and get ourselves ready for the weekend.

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