Tequila gunning

Friday. Im like extra excited today after last weekend at home Me not made for sitting alone at home. High heels and cool outfit on (me and lollo had a discussion on this – the difference between sexy and cool outfit. One is the one guys want to do, the other who girls wants to be. Im so going for cool outfit today).

Tonight heading up to Benjies bday drinks Dalston way. Got him an epic gift – a tequila gun.

Yes! I want one of these bad boys (sometimes I wish i gave myself gifts until i realise that i do that ALL the time. Shopping issues).

Ol and new (ish, i mean, they have been together for like 10 months now) girlfriend are coming tonight, my plan is to be drunk enough to be able to wing that one in a cool, relaxed way. Because if sober im about the uncoolest ever and not winging anything. Im actually totally cool with it now, just want to avoid awkward which is not easy best of times.

Between the lines we can read the story of me getting drunk tonight. Swish. Wont disappoint.

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