Forehead sheninigans

Failed on the sofa plan. With Albin leaving town soon I wanted to see him before so we went for a Havelock dinner and what was supposed to be a long walk but ended up being a 10 min stroll around the green. Oh well, I got a steak and good convo. And W got to hang with his buddy Albin.

Then this photo popped up in my inbox. Dave sent it through from when we went to Jasons comedy show. Never has a girl looked that classy wearing a gigantic, inflatable penis.

Still feeling rough though – the bounce back of a 34 year old is seriously questionable. People keep saying I look pretty fresh despite but im sure there is a Dorian Gray portrait somewhere. Or maybe not, my inherited forehead is not so much lines these days as groves deep enough to sow seeds in.

But, suns out guns out, its St Patricks Day and tonight im eating paella. Life could be about a 100 times worse.

The irish rover

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