Paella dinner

Felt seriously iffy yesterday afternoon so went home early from work for a snooze. When i woke up felt better and remembered i had a dinner with Lollo’s friends. Because it was very sweet of them inviting and I was REALLY hungry i decided to go despite leaving work early (felt a bit like a naughty kid).

Good call. Lily had made this amazing paella. You can tell she is a chef. The food was extremely yummy and they were talking about their country weekend I missed and all the food she had cooked. Definitely going next time.

Modern times. Before anything the obligatory instagram picture needs to happen.

But then this… Few things better than getting a ‘do you want to join for dinner’ request. The answer is pretty much always yes.

After dinner enjoyed the £1000 worth of chocolate one of the girls had got from her admirer, Thats pretty impressive. I would be lucky to get a tesco bar. Down side of dating penniless artists.

Filippa sent through some pictures of me showing Ingo the ropes. That girl is set with me as her auntie.

Like knowing about the joys of very long, dark hair. Too bad she got two blondie parents. Tough luck Ingo.

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