After parties and baby mama’s

Took barely any pictures this weekend. Even if I looked pretty ace on Friday’s Secret Cinema. Suit, trenchcoat, glasses and red lips. Just saying.

It was so much fun like always. Me and George got seperated and i was on some mad dash to find out if the president was shagging his secretary and then i got recruited to kill Fidel Castro. As you do. After the movie we stayed for a couple of drinks with G’s new friends before going to Nola and then back to his for an after party. I made my goal of going to bed before 7 and was the first one to give up at 5.30.

Saturday woke up and me and G’s girlfriend over from Berlin went to the market and fixed our hang overs right up with diet coke (best) and bagels before coming back to home made breakfast. Given that i missed dinner on Friday and hadent eaten for 24 hours i didnt say no to double brekkie.

In the evening I had the baby mams’s Kix and Laura over as well as Katta. Look at this picture. Really!? Ziggy has only been out of the picture for like 2 weeks and W is already cuddling up to Kix. This would NEVER have happened when she was still smelling of Zig.

We drank bubbles and updated on our lives. Laura and Seb are moving to Sweden in like a month. Had NO idea. Had to take a breather. Will miss them. Felt a bit like things were breaking apart. Im doing ridiciously late after parties with bartenders and my London family are moving away. Sad face.

On Sunday took my little dogling and headed up notting hill way for Katta’s bday brunch. Woolly was on best behaviour and celebrated that with taking a selfie. After lunch me, Katta and albin walked down in the sun and had a second moment of sadness over losing more friends to Sthlm.

Damn you Sthlm.

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