Easter spring time

Had George over for dinner last night. Treated him to the most swedish of dinners – tacos. And a delicato ball for dessert. It went down a storm. He scared me half to death though when he showed up because he jumped the fucking fence again and came through my back yard. Finally i know what W will do if someone tries to break into the house – absolutely nothing, other than run up and say hi.

Easter coming up and im fully booked with amazing things. Tomorrow seeing Jason for a drink and long awaited catch up, on Friday Easter brunch with FICCO crew (got some snaps and sill for that. No swedish holiday without snaps and sill.) and on Saturday brunch with the East crew (some snaps for that one too). Sunday is Jackes boxing game, all black tie dressed up, and Monday potentially the new superman movie if Im still standing. Highly doubt that but I have surprised myself before.

Love spring in London. Love day drinking and pimms in the sun and love that all my friends come out to play. Last year i kind of missed spring due to heart ache so this year ill own it big time.

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