Going back to the burn

Last night was BM ticket sale night. It was also Jasons comedy show and drinks with Jean but BM won. Becasue sunrise in the desert wins every time.

So i headed home from work, picked up the little dog, made myself some left over dinner on taco mince and brie (flash) and sat down on the sofa awaiting a night of agony.

And agony it was. That little green man is the bane of my existence. When Jean told me he got his tickets after 20 min and mine still havent moved more than a 5th i knew i was screwed. Royally so.

But hope is the last thing that abandons a true burner so Sanna, Peter and me kept sending updated hoping to get our tickets. To no luck.

Eventually we had to admit defeat and my night felt very bleak. Like lets get drunk on my own and fall asleep in my own vomit bleak (that has never been done btw, just a VERY strong urge)

Until my hero Jean stepped in and told me I could have his extra ticket. OMG! Love him. This is all kinds of awesome. Hands up for tinder dates that turns into friends that turns into your BM saviour. Ill never complain on those apps again.

To celebrate here is a picture of me that Jean took from the warehouse party at Bens a couple of weeks ago. Looking clever as always.

Tonights drinks with Jason, Jeff, George W and potentially Jean. And saying hi to G. Me and my boys. Not sure where all the girls are at but the boys are the only ones who still wants to play with me. Bring on Easter.

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