The break week

This is my break week. A break from everything. Taking it easy. Resting my soul. Go to Richmond. The craziest thing that will happen this week is choosing place to go for dinner with G on Saturday. I was toying with the idea of taking him to the Ethiopian. Until i remembered how bad my stomach went after the dish cloth pancake. We definitely havent dated long enough for that…

Tonight Katta is cooking W and me dinner. He is hoping for chicken, me, that its warm enough to sit on the balcony.

Made myself chicken yesterday though. Know its bad form posting pictures of your food but look at all the healthy (and lets ignore the fact that i had 1 delicato ball, 20 caramels and half a bag of crisps while the camera wasnt around. Beach 2016 here i bounce)

After dinner my phone pinged and this happened. Ol in the snap chat drag queen filter. Suits him. Gave me and W a good laugh (read roll around on the floor).

After all those lols went to watch some Limitless (new, awesome tv-series) stressing a bit that I only had a couple of episodes lef. But, G had updated the folder with all the new episodes. Hands up for that man. Surprise tv shows is an absolute win. Surprise anything. Love it. 

This morning walked in to work in the sun talking swedish with Ol. He needs a bit of work but what better than when walking in with the little mini houndling.

Damn, love break week.

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