See you later alligator

George is off to Dublin for the weekend and my only words of advice to him was to not get lost. Or die. Because i want him back. Im not necessarily expecting in one piece but at least some of the pieces.

My plan was to sweetly text him and tell him Im going to miss him and, you know, be a good girlfriend. Make him miss me. Be normal. Not just shout ‘pickle backs’ when i enter his flat.

That went so so…

Started strong…

Creating art in snap chat and using big words.

Then it started to go downhill. Telling what I really wanted to do. There should be no lies in a healthy relationship. Mmm, dish cloths…

and well, then the truth came out. Im sure he’ll miss me fondly now thinking of all the weird ill be up to when he is away. Nothing like a little casual mentioning of stabbing to make a guy like you.

So i decided to send a Vulcan five to get things back on track.

Always works. No better way to speak to a nerd.

All good in the hood people, bring on Friday.

Pickle backing

Got my hair cut yesterday. Had a serious hallelujah moment when she was massaging my scalp. If I was rich I would so have my private masseus. I dont need much else but That. Is. Heaven (and maybe a house in a warm country. Dreaming of sun).

Taking a sneaky picture while getting princess hair. Always princess hair.

Told you. Kate Middleton god dammit. Warned G that I would show up looking like someone who looks like she enjoys horseback riding and golf. Its my face. I have the horse-y face of the english upper class. As soon as I have the hair im screwed.

He laughed and said he might lose me to an investment banker. No risk of that Mr, you are stuck with me.

We picked up his friend Harry and went for dinner at this lovely little meat restaurant on Broadway Market – Hill & Szrok. Butcher by day, amazing meat by night. After that on to a new bar called Fanny Nelsons (pretty unlucky name…)

F sent a picture from when we were young and cute (?). This night F, Sanna and me all got thrown out from the club. Winners!!

After a couple of drinks and whiskey shots (…) G and me went home. Put on an episode if Limitless and…

…had a pickle back (whiskey followed by pickle juice). Great minds think alike since we both came home, looked at each other and went ‘pickle backs’.

Woke up feeling well rested despite and that feeling got even stronger when i came into work and found Jacke sleeping in the chair. He had fallen asleep on the bus, gone for a couple of rounds and woken up outside the office again and decided to take a nap by his desk. Hero.

Love people that do stupid shit.

Today friday and Woolly is off with oliver for the weekend and G is in Dublin so quids in ill be doing the stupid shit this weekend. Rocky wants me to wing man him tonight. We’ll see.

I find thousand reasons why I shouldn’t be with you but one keep me coming back. I really like you.

Its spring in London. It smells like what i imagine laughter would smell like. Outside my living room window cotton candy cherry blossom paint the world white and I walk for hours every day because there is so much alive in me.

I struggle with me. That in me that wants to push you away. I hear myself not be very nice to you and my jokes are sometimes on the wrong side of mean. You ask me if I want to come with you to Berlin, I think you are about to break up with me. I flirt with your friend and I don’t even know why but when you are asleep I whisper in your ear that I only want to be with you. I find thousand reasons  why I shouldn’t be with you but one keep me coming back. I really like you.

You are kind. More than anything else that is what I like in you. You are the kind of person that do anything for your friends. Travel half way around the world to hold someone when they cry – anything. I see it in your friend’s eyes, they trust you.

You are also funny and silly and smart and sometimes you make me roll my eyes (most of the time) and you’ve got the best hands and I really like your eyes and I know you’ll always have pickles at home for me.

I want to put your head in my lap and hold you because I see that with your kindness comes someone who takes care of others. Always. I little spoon you at night and it’s like you collapse into me. I don’t want to be mean, I want to be the one to take care of you. Because I know you would always do that for me.

I try to find the words to tell you how I feel but I’m so very bad at talking. So I try to show you in other ways. And when you sleep I stroke your brow with my finger and you smile. Every time.

I’m learning your quirks. I know you are grumpy in the mornings, you hate if I try and wake you if you sleep but always move to hug me. You love your breakfasts, always want to watch movies in bed, remembers quotes, tell stories, talk too much, love having people around you, burn in both ends until you crash. I know that you will take my hand and introduce me to your friends and they will already know about me. You call me your long legged swede and when we meet out you say hi to everyone and then you look at me, really look at me, say ‘hi you’ and kiss me.

You are who I’m supposed to be with. I knew it from the first time we kissed. Maybe even when I saw you for the first time at the star wars party smile from ear to ear.

You might be my perfect match.

Sofa time

Got my night on the sofa. Woohoo. It was crazy thunder and ligtning outside so me and mini hound curled up together and I made a sizeable dent in all the series i need to watch.

Im also made myself a delicious, highly nutritious and hard to make dinner. One of the best things about living alone is dinners like these. And there is nothing in the world W likes more than mackerel in tomato sauce so he was happy too.

Me taking ‘look how good i am watching series’ pictures for G. My nose also look massively crooked. The witch in me finally coming out.

W did NOT like the thunder when it was going crazy. So i curled him up in a blanket and gave him a hug and then he fell straight back to sleep.

Tonight hairdresser (hello princess hair) and up to G in East for dinner and some drinks. Need drinks. Badly. Life bringing me down.

Drowning in practical shit

I was meant to try and catch up on my Limitless last night but hanging with Katta won (sorry G (who btw definitely isnt reading this blog. Phew.)). Real life over TV any time.

We met up after work, walked down to mine and then Katta treated me to ‘all you dream of’ dinner. Yes, it had cheese and meat and veggies and avocado and chocolate and berries. It even had popcorn. Katta, you are a dinner fairy godmother.

Tv on the cards tonight though. And practical shit. Like start to plan that toastmaster thing. Not easy when you are in different countries. It has to be phone. And i HATE the phone. I think Im going to single handedly decide that no more of my close friends are allowed to get married. At least non where im official in any way. They say that 3 times bridesmaid never married. I wonder what they say about 4 times bridesmaid and 3 times toastmaster? Single for life?

At least i have mini dogling. And a hairy bulgarian. No complaints.

Glitter would have made the monday go quicker

Yesterday at work was spent contemplating how I could make the day go quicker. I didnt find the solution. At all. But i did listen to a lot of music and relived the weekend memories. Close enough to an ok day.

Once it was all done and i could run out screaming FREEDOM I headed home and quickly had to figure out something to cook for dinner before G came down. The man has cut out an entire protein group by not eating fish. Really!? After a semi vegetarian I had high hopes for this one. But i guess relationships are all about compromise (I kind of just want to say my way or the high way. Its food god dammit.).

So i cooked us chicken wook. Then we watched the new GoT. John Snow in my heart forever. (I still feel so bad for the guy at my work whose name is actually John Snow. The ‘You know nothing John Snow’ jokes never get boring).

We also watched some limitless. G is waiting to see the last one until I have catched up. Im like 10 episodes behind. I know what i’ll be doing this week…

But first, some more pictures from the weekend when the world was covered in glitter.

Lollo and me working our selfie game. Strong. And also, glitter always for the win. The amount of ‘awesome make up’ I got I definitely dont normally get. Love swedes though. They kind of go ‘whats all that for?’ whereas the non swedes I met was like ‘wow, thats amazing’. Dont live outside the box guys.

F and me having a little love in. There are a lot of years of partying for the two of us. We know this shit by heart.

Me feeling up a window. Because why not. The problem with pictures of your drunken self is that you are NEVER as sexy/cool/awesome looking as you might think. Except when you are of course #totallylovingmyself

Maggie’s hen do.

So tired i can barely function. Going to be standard this wedding spring. There is something about shot gun travels in and out of Sthlm with a full on party day that KILLS you. But, on the other hand, awesome memories. Or like someone said, just make sure you have less best friends for less bridesmaids duties. Should have thought of that earlier.

This weekend was Maggies hen do. She suspected nothing. Hands up for us three bridemaids giving away nothing, it was definitely close a couple of times. My poker face is zilch. Good thing i didnt have to see her.

I traveled in Friday and went straight to Julias house on Ekerö to help her with the lunch we were throwing there the day after and also just hang out because missed her. And hide form Maggie.

In the morning we walked the dogs, did some table carrying and then headed straight for the first stop.

Pony trotting on Ekerö.

Maggie had been kidnapped having breakfast at Lydmar. Sanna had arranged for a flash mob to sing Du är min man and Erik came in with flowers and led her to the car. Best is that it totally looked like Erik was proposing. Except that he didnt get a yes, just an awkward hug. The other guests must have been like WTF?!

Maggie won the trotting and by some miraculous intervention (all due to my little pony) I ended up in the winner heat (there was an awkwars moment during the practice lap when the pony just refused to move. Apparently i looked like a big flapping bird trying to get it to move. Always cool). But, knowing my tendency for injuries stayed in the back for the winner race. Dont have time to be broken this spring. Or break anyone else for that matter.

After all that drama went to Julia’s house for a midsummer lunch. The boys were there and served hot shots as well as took the lead on the singing. We drank snaps, ate midsummer food and gave Maggie a photo book with memories from everyone.

Aftter lunch everyone dressed up in their most glittery outfits and headed into town in…

…a london party bus. It was fully equipped with two dance floors and music and you were allowed to dance while driving as well as bring your own booze. Best. Thing. Ever. I wish there was a party bus to drive me everywhere.

We danced like there wass no tomorrow. Hands in the ceiling and more glitter to the people.

Almost the entire crew. Must say that everyone was on such good form. We were a bit worried that people would get tired but no way. I take the credit for making everyone feel like they needed to get drunk with faces full of glitter. Apparently thats kind of scary (who knew) since half the party didnt want to ‘look silly’. Bah! No one looks silly in glitter, its instant coolifier.

The bus took us to a song studio were we recorded the song ‘Du är min man’ that Maggie got kindapped with. Maggie sang the lead and the rest of us backed on the chorus. Maggie sounded amazing. We. Not so much.(There migth be a video. Its should NEVER see the light of day)

But it was fun. And we looked kind of professional.

After all that singing we touched up on our glitter and went to ciao ciao for dinner. Pizza for fab girls. By that time we were a pretty drunken, rowdy crowd and they were happy to see us go… F had spent most of the dinner throwing grissini at me because i was too far away. ’18’ she yelled. ‘I have thrown 18!! grissini at you’. Sorry F (and everyone else)

After dinner more singing. Karaoke. They didnt serve alcohol which was probably a good thing (I did however smuggle in jäger. Im fly like that). This is F and me drinking red bull on the street watching the snow (!!) and talking to G. Or, F was talking to G. Crash course in my awesome drunk friends.

Last stop on this very long and extremely fun day was a table at Fou. By this time everyone looked like they were dying of tired.I did get a lot of compliments for my glitter make up but glitter saves everything.

When Maggie snuck off Sanna and me gave each other a high five and went home for pasta and candy on the sofa. No matter how much fun its also crazy taxing organizing a day like this.

Sunday looked like this. Snow and grey. Hence while Sanna and me stayed on the sofa until my plane left. Winning.

Ended my Sthlm trip with some epic hung over food and then VERY happy to die in bed way too many hours later.

Food envy

Guys, its Friday again. So much epicness on that! Get your crazy out and lets celebrate life and all that jazz. Because all kinds of awesome.

Look at this genius picture of me and the girls last night. Making people look good is my forte. We were talking Dani’s Visa and move to san fran, Kirstens upcoming wedding and my general happiness.

Yes, we were THOSE girls. The ones you generally hate and fucking love the rare moments you get to be them. During our 6 years in this city this is probably the best we have ever all been at the same time (well, those first couple of months whem we were OWNING the nightclubs of London werent too bad either)

We celebrated that with crazy amounts of food. Because we are those girls too. The ones that eat. And potentially drink a bit too much. All hands up for that. Plus, the food at Dishoom is too good to not eat. Fact.

Texted with G this morning. Still not out of bed even if its was 8.15. Disgrace. Look at my face of shame (Not. So liking sneaky mornings in bed. Me and mini hound both.)

He sent me a pepping ‘get your ass out of bed woman’. So i did. Obedient. Thats me.

Bring on weekend!

Follow me through the looking glass

Feeling surprisingly fresh after a night up East. Maybe because G and I went to bed at 11.30. Sometimes miracles DO happen. Had the weirdest sleep though, kept waking up thinking W was in the room and I’ve forgotten to let him out. Dont want to go Freud on that.

We did do something before sleepy times though. First a cocktail tasting thing at Looking Glass Cocktail Club on Hackney Road. They were hiring a new bartender and we got to taste their cocktails to decide who would get the job. Yes! The place is awesome. It has a big mirror on one wall and behind that is a hidden room for an extra bar. And the drinks are all inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Totally my kind of place.

I spent most of the time talking to the cutest aussie boy fresh off the boat. 24. Naaaw. He asked me about my craziest London stories and when I was done I got a bow and a ‘you are my inspiration’. Oh my, thank you. G totally movie swooped me up in a dipping kiss and told me Im awesome for befriending baby aussie guys *brush invisible dust off shoulder* (and smooth moves him).

Then we went for some Vietnamese food with G’s friends and after stupid amounts of food home. Where G realised he forgot to buy me pickles (so sweet because knows i love them BUT i dont actually need them. Its not like i ever have pickles at home. But i’ll let him keep believing I cant survive without my pickles.)

My breakfast. If the man cant provide a girl have to satisfy herself.

Tonight seeing Dani and Kirsten. Dani has got her visa and are off to US in October so need to get the most out of our time together. Crazy years to be put to bed. 

Science is da bomb

You know in the beginning of dating someone when you are still trying to impress them. Before you are…well…not (at least not to the same ‘sure im into watching [insert niche interest here] all night’ extent). Thats me. Both hands up. To be fair i have it pretty easy because impressing G mostly consists of being into nerdy, fantasy things (woop), being up for socialising all days of the week (double woop) and never wanting the party to stop (hell yeah).

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I can do that shit eyes closed.

Then he asked me if i wanted to go to some science talks and I was like ‘Quantum Theory you say? So in. In like Flynn’ *google ‘Quantum Theory’ furiously*

I didnt tell him that a) know little to nothing about anything scienc-y. There is a reason im in to fantasy and not sci-fi. b) Im bad with talks. Even on things i care about c) i mostly said yes because I want to see him. And eat franco manca in Chiswick.

I guess ill learn something. If I don’t fall asleep.

Sat down for a minute in the park. I thought. Instead I feel asleep. Good thing my inner alarm woke me up in time to not be late. #winningatlife