Follow me through the looking glass

Feeling surprisingly fresh after a night up East. Maybe because G and I went to bed at 11.30. Sometimes miracles DO happen. Had the weirdest sleep though, kept waking up thinking W was in the room and I’ve forgotten to let him out. Dont want to go Freud on that.

We did do something before sleepy times though. First a cocktail tasting thing at Looking Glass Cocktail Club on Hackney Road. They were hiring a new bartender and we got to taste their cocktails to decide who would get the job. Yes! The place is awesome. It has a big mirror on one wall and behind that is a hidden room for an extra bar. And the drinks are all inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Totally my kind of place.

I spent most of the time talking to the cutest aussie boy fresh off the boat. 24. Naaaw. He asked me about my craziest London stories and when I was done I got a bow and a ‘you are my inspiration’. Oh my, thank you. G totally movie swooped me up in a dipping kiss and told me Im awesome for befriending baby aussie guys *brush invisible dust off shoulder* (and smooth moves him).

Then we went for some Vietnamese food with G’s friends and after stupid amounts of food home. Where G realised he forgot to buy me pickles (so sweet because knows i love them BUT i dont actually need them. Its not like i ever have pickles at home. But i’ll let him keep believing I cant survive without my pickles.)

My breakfast. If the man cant provide a girl have to satisfy herself.

Tonight seeing Dani and Kirsten. Dani has got her visa and are off to US in October so need to get the most out of our time together. Crazy years to be put to bed. 

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