Drowning in practical shit

I was meant to try and catch up on my Limitless last night but hanging with Katta won (sorry G (who btw definitely isnt reading this blog. Phew.)). Real life over TV any time.

We met up after work, walked down to mine and then Katta treated me to ‘all you dream of’ dinner. Yes, it had cheese and meat and veggies and avocado and chocolate and berries. It even had popcorn. Katta, you are a dinner fairy godmother.

Tv on the cards tonight though. And practical shit. Like start to plan that toastmaster thing. Not easy when you are in different countries. It has to be phone. And i HATE the phone. I think Im going to single handedly decide that no more of my close friends are allowed to get married. At least non where im official in any way. They say that 3 times bridesmaid never married. I wonder what they say about 4 times bridesmaid and 3 times toastmaster? Single for life?

At least i have mini dogling. And a hairy bulgarian. No complaints.

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