Sofa time

Got my night on the sofa. Woohoo. It was crazy thunder and ligtning outside so me and mini hound curled up together and I made a sizeable dent in all the series i need to watch.

Im also made myself a delicious, highly nutritious and hard to make dinner. One of the best things about living alone is dinners like these. And there is nothing in the world W likes more than mackerel in tomato sauce so he was happy too.

Me taking ‘look how good i am watching series’ pictures for G. My nose also look massively crooked. The witch in me finally coming out.

W did NOT like the thunder when it was going crazy. So i curled him up in a blanket and gave him a hug and then he fell straight back to sleep.

Tonight hairdresser (hello princess hair) and up to G in East for dinner and some drinks. Need drinks. Badly. Life bringing me down.

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