Pickle backing

Got my hair cut yesterday. Had a serious hallelujah moment when she was massaging my scalp. If I was rich I would so have my private masseus. I dont need much else but That. Is. Heaven (and maybe a house in a warm country. Dreaming of sun).

Taking a sneaky picture while getting princess hair. Always princess hair.

Told you. Kate Middleton god dammit. Warned G that I would show up looking like someone who looks like she enjoys horseback riding and golf. Its my face. I have the horse-y face of the english upper class. As soon as I have the hair im screwed.

He laughed and said he might lose me to an investment banker. No risk of that Mr, you are stuck with me.

We picked up his friend Harry and went for dinner at this lovely little meat restaurant on Broadway Market – Hill & Szrok. Butcher by day, amazing meat by night. After that on to a new bar called Fanny Nelsons (pretty unlucky name…)

F sent a picture from when we were young and cute (?). This night F, Sanna and me all got thrown out from the club. Winners!!

After a couple of drinks and whiskey shots (…) G and me went home. Put on an episode if Limitless and…

…had a pickle back (whiskey followed by pickle juice). Great minds think alike since we both came home, looked at each other and went ‘pickle backs’.

Woke up feeling well rested despite and that feeling got even stronger when i came into work and found Jacke sleeping in the chair. He had fallen asleep on the bus, gone for a couple of rounds and woken up outside the office again and decided to take a nap by his desk. Hero.

Love people that do stupid shit.

Today friday and Woolly is off with oliver for the weekend and G is in Dublin so quids in ill be doing the stupid shit this weekend. Rocky wants me to wing man him tonight. We’ll see.

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