See you later alligator

George is off to Dublin for the weekend and my only words of advice to him was to not get lost. Or die. Because i want him back. Im not necessarily expecting in one piece but at least some of the pieces.

My plan was to sweetly text him and tell him Im going to miss him and, you know, be a good girlfriend. Make him miss me. Be normal. Not just shout ‘pickle backs’ when i enter his flat.

That went so so…

Started strong…

Creating art in snap chat and using big words.

Then it started to go downhill. Telling what I really wanted to do. There should be no lies in a healthy relationship. Mmm, dish cloths…

and well, then the truth came out. Im sure he’ll miss me fondly now thinking of all the weird ill be up to when he is away. Nothing like a little casual mentioning of stabbing to make a guy like you.

So i decided to send a Vulcan five to get things back on track.

Always works. No better way to speak to a nerd.

All good in the hood people, bring on Friday.

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