Bank holidaying. Again.

Bank holidays. Why are you so amazing and an absolute killer? Every time. Maybe some people out there take the chance to rest and see nature and stuff like that but you all know what im up to. Party times.

This is me trying to take a selfie of popping pills in the office Friday getting ready for CELEBRATIONS. Dont allow sickness to get you down.

When i feel really bad I think that if I was in the military and had a fever i would still have to march for hours in a jungle cause otherwise i would die. Then it doesnt feel so bad that im only getting ready for dancing.

After some drinks in the office, dinner and catch ups we went up to Found. Everything went a bit hazy other than a lot of drinks, caffeine tablets and bars. Me and George left Loves Company at 7 am. Yeah boss. I would totally rock being in the military.

We did pass by Nola, sent a sleeping Rocky home in a cab, danced with jean and his gf (I might have drunkenly offered her a job) and accidently missed a chair sitting straight on the floor (me, not G. He was all in control and shit) Because drinks. I also had a lot of conversations with Gs friends on him being the best person ever (I agree) me not fucking him over (agree on that one too) and him being smitten with me (YES! *doing smash sign with my hand*)

Having eaten way too many caffein tablets sleep and I did not get along. After 30 min power nap I went out to get the dog. When i came back G was sleeping and the door was locked. And he wouldnt pick up his phone. I sat out there for about 40 min contemplating if I should try and do something about it but hoping for a miracle.

Miracles do happen and his flatmate let me in. Then HANG OVER hit and I was in bed for the rest of the day. Not kidding. Poor Woolly.

Sunday morning and George wearing another womans bra as a hat. Ill just leave that one here. (but I will say it was his friend Bella’s and no shenanigans were going down. Protecting my mans honour).

After bra hat wearing morning hang out time we headed to Peckham with his friend Shaun just in from Tokyo and spent a couple of hours freezing our asses off in a trendy roof top bar. Im at the age where comfort win over trendy any time. So we left. And saw a couple of people, had some drinks, got some people back to George’s, chilled until W and me gave up at 5 and hid under the covers sleeping in the middle of the party. Grandma time.

Monday I woke up dead. Really. Its true. I managed to go for lunch with the added bonus of Tomlins before trekking back home and taking a little snooze before tea with Katta.

Then. Weekend. Finally. Over.

Heavenly high fives and too much good

I resigned yesterday. My boss what not happy but eventually understood that there was nothing she could offer me to stay. Because im ready to take over the music world. Rock grandma ftw!

Got an almost heavenly high five from George and promises of epic celebrations tonight. Katta and Alexandra are here and we got Rocky and Jean on board. And the Tomlins.

This is my equally heavenly (but also kind of scared) high five back.

Bring on crazy.

If that wasnt awesomeness enough, Sanna sent me a picture of my very own sparkdräkt. She found it as Beyond retro and i think its a sign. London need its own one.

Because still feeling shit I went home straight after work and cuddled up with this little guy. Went to bed at 9 but kept waking up in coughing fits. Bastards.

But pulled myself together this morning and dressed to impress. wearing the cookie fortune necklace because Dan is in town and need all the cookies together tonight.

Life. Have i told you you are pretty damn brilliant at the moment? Well, if not, here is a heartfelt I love you.

Obviously no time for cold so this is my weapons against too early give up time tonight. I am going to make it to Loves Company if its the last thing i do!

Bed time stories

So, what did I do while sick? Not much. That kind of goes with the territory. I did moan quite a lot. And told everyone who wanted to listen how bad I felt for myself. Oh, and I also signed for the new job. Wooohooo.

On Monday George and me went to a science talk on Quantum theory. It was in a pub and you could drink cider. That saved me because all of a sudden felt VERY smart a couple of pints in. Qunatum stuff – easy breezy.

I represented by also looking very smart. This is what you get for dating a teenager at heart. After all that smart we went home, to bed and in the morning I woke up feeling like utter shit. Went into work because stupid (also needed to pick up my ipad) but got sent home. Like a kid.

The rest of the was spent snoozing and playing with the snap chat filters.

Yesterday Katta, also feeling a bit under the weather, came over and we sat on my sofa eating everything under the sun and gossiping about hot french guys (Katta. Not me. Cant handle more than my bulgarian) and eventually George showed up to give me some much needed cuddles.

My ‘i cant sleep due to coughing fits’ 6am view. Not too shabby if you ask me. Two hairy heroes <3. And look, there is a perfect space waiting for me.

Today trying to hunt my boss down to resign. So far no luck.


Ive been in bed for 2 days completely taken out after this weekends sheningans. Sweden is dangerous. Or maybe its the low level stress of 2 hen do’s, interviewing and toastmaster that finally gor to me. Either way, damn you cold.

The weekend made it worth it though. Landed Friday night and went straight to Sanna for some candy shot cooking. Making sure we could keep drinking all day without getting too drunk we decided to make our own shots.

Said and done. We created a lab worthy of Walter White and started the cooking.

It wasnt complication free but in the end we had 3 bottles of murky looking candy shots to see us through the day. Yummeee

Everyone met at the first stop – the line dance place. F had been kidnapped in the morning having the exchange condoms for a juice at one of the fancy cafes in sthlm. Good work.

She changed into the outfit of the day – a skin tight lycra business suit fully fitted with a dildo to give her the feeling that she was indeed finally a man.

Sanna and me were wearing naked man t-shirts in her honour.

Then followed hours of line dancing. Sanna bathed in sweat. I took photos and used that as an excuse to not show off my crap dancing skills. Filippa aced it of course.

After all that excercise time for lunch, gifts, drinks and catch up. Half the gang was either pregnant or breast feeding but the rest of us made sure to down those candy shots.

All of a sudden a naked man walked in and took his clothes off. Time for life drawing. Varied results but happy faces all around.

More drinking, talking and eating. And, more men…

F being serenaded by 4 handsome boys. Dont mind if i do.

But all things come to and end and after a couple of hours taking it easy and chillin vanillin we went to Laserdome for some serious game time.

Quick change of clothes and we were all dressed in the theme Canada meets the West Coast. Charlotte owned!

Next stop was dildo ping pong. Harder than you think.

Sanna and me playing with the limpies. We still havent figured out what they were really for but excellent stress ball. And photo prop.

F’s dildo in all its glory. Cant understand why the people working at Ugglan was somewhat tired of us.

After Ping pong dinner at sjätte tunnan, including mead and never ending Ronja singing. As you do. Finally ending at Skeppsbar taking over the place. Have to love a place that lets you be awesome all night.

I found a hat.

and a Katta to take selfies with.

The night ended with Sanna and me walking through town meeting a 45 year old dad having run away from his boring couples dinner trying to give us weed. We kindly declined and crashed into bed.

Filhippa was brilliant and no wonder i crashed at the end of all that awesome. Pretty happy hen do season is over. Bring on wedding season.

Look at me rollin’

Was a good girl last night and stayed home even if the temptations were everywhere. George asked me if I wanted to join him at the W hotel where Nate, the guy we hung out with on Monday, was DJing. I said no. Even if it was open bar.

Then i got this message from the crazy kids. Partying with pop stars on the table. Close by as well. Cant get more tempting than that.

But. Stayed home. Even i need adulting from time to time. Cleaned my room, read some book, talked to cuz. Generally feeling pretty amaze. I mean, life and me are on a roll at the moment.

I also played Bad Ass Bitch and called the company and asked for a higher bonus and they said yes. Look at me roll. Cissi 5 years ago had NEVER dared to do that but Cissi after the last years shit storms have definitely come out a bit more ‘sometimes shit just needs to get done’ and well, just do shit that needs doing. I even did one of my interviews in ripped jeans because if they want me this is what they’ll get.

And they did.

And dad, I KNOW im all self centred (as mum like to point out) but Im just pretty proud of myself. Because this is NOT what I thought id ever be able to do when life was crying in bathrooms and puking my guts out.

Celebration times come on

How did i celebrate the job yesterday? By dancing on bars? Drinking my way through half the bars in London? Swimming in champagne?

Not really. George and me went to the cinema to see Civil War and before that ordered take away vietnamese watching GoT on the floor of his room. Didnt see that one coming did you? (btw, AWESOME movie. And i got my popcorn. Winning)

We did have 2 shots at Found first but that had to be done. I mean…new fucking job which right now feels like a 100 times too senior for me. But, you dont grow unless you believe in yourself.

(Hard earned lesson when i got chosen to be Lucia and DIDNT want to because scared shit less of standing on stage and dad looked at me and said ‘I wont make you but sometimes you just have to do the things you dont want to’. And i did it. And I kind of sucked. But look at me know being a god damn toastmaster. High five dad.)

Yes, this is a picture of a baby with a dildo. Filippas hen do is creeping closer and the pepping props have started showing up. And Ingo, you have the right to blame it all on your mum and your crazy aunts.

2016 – what a fucking winner year!

I got the job! Wooohooo! I still havent signed anything or told anyone at the current one so at the moment celebrating low key…


I think this will be bloody brilliant. Once I’ve like won over the french, got myself a team, set up the new system and you know, got shit together because starting with less than nothing in London.

Cant wait to get busy again. Also, always wanted to work with music. For real. Be rock and oll grand ma. Think this is what my life style has led up to. I KNOW how to work in this industry. I dance on bars and down shots in my sleep. Added bonus is the fact that there wont be no more commute. Booojah!

2016. What a fucking year so far. Sometimes i wonder if you are allowed to meet a great guy, get the dream job and have the life you always wanted at the same time. Kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop and this all going down like a house of cards. But, enjoying the ride until that happens. 

Tonight celebrating. With popcorn. Still mostly want that.

Awesome gifting

I slept 10 hours last night. Like a boss. Still felt like ive barely closed my eyes when i woke up but dont go pulling that shit on me body, you know you are feeling A OK.

Tonight heading up George way for what was supposed to be dinner but after cancellation is now CIVIL WAR. Not sad about those new plans. Double whammy on movie i REALLY want to see but also movie. Not drinking. Not talking. Not doing anything but curling up next to G and eat popcorn,

Havent showed you my awesome gift for the nerd trio yet. After hearing them talk about matching tattoos after the whole fortune cookie thing i thought it best to make it into somethig a tad less…permanent.

So I custom ordered these key rings with tiny fortune cookies and the messages weall got on the night. So now I have to walk around with a message saying ‘you will take on fresh vitality for the next weeks (had to cut down my message because not enough letters). Not the coolest of messages and SO MUCH vitality for the rest of my life.

On the other hand, best memories. 

Ending this post with a picture of the exact replica of Ws face every time i bring him drinking. Like ‘WTF mum?!’ Yes, being a dog owned by a drunk white woman is most definitely a nightmare. 

Loves company

Monday night. Meant to be a night for quiet and calm. My one night off. For sure. You have to pick one to make sure shit dont go down all the time.

Apparently i fail at that.

Last night had drinks with work because Nina have moved back to London. That could have been ok with an early night. But George (the mini devil of my existence) had to work Loves Company so instead of him coming down to mine asked if i could come pick him up from work.

Said and done. I also got Dimitra and James to join because awesome people and when we arrived at Loves it was an emerging musicians night called Sessions 58 so we got shots and free beers and new friends and well, dancing on the bar looking creepingly like a gigantic bat (which i sent to Lee (the guy who owns the bar) showing what goes behind his back. He hasnt answered…) so night did not go as planned. Damn.

If we were normal people night would have ended with closing and cleaning the bar but instead we went with Nate, the guy who runs Sessions 58 (which btw was AMAZING! The talent in that room), to the Hoxton for one more drink (because there is always one more right) and met some of his friends and got treated to some crazy good party stories. And sambuccas.

But, we made 2 am week night call time. With kebab in bed.

This morning felt on my A game (nope) and got sent an angry ‘why the fuck did we do that’ kiss-y real life emoji from George. Yes, we are equal parts awesome and should have NEVER happened as a couple.

I acknowledge that.

Tonight sofa. Fact. 

A gold glitter beard

It was Eurovision this weekend. I got to glitter George’s beard…


Most amazing thing ever. Really. I could marry him for that alone. Because it was glitter and he was so HOT. Hotness covered in glitter. How not to want that.

But there was more to this weekend so lets do this in order. Because swedish.

On Friday met with Eric, Pettan, KF and Bull for an AW. Things did what they do and we got drunk, had dinner at The Oak and had about 5 too many shots. And catch ups. Given that Peter and me meet every second year it was a LOT to talk about.

Havent seen the boys in forever and people were on point. Reminded me why i love them. For real.

I mean, when someone (the norwegian) jumps up to do a split and accidently hit the table behind and says sorry by buying the family at the table a round a shots with a special nod to the daughter’s you know you’ll have a pretty special night.

Him and me ended in Maggies dancing our hearts out to 80’s music. This is me VERY happy at 4 in the morning having come home with yet another Maggies hat.

Saturday and walkies. Even if DYING! But i knew i was taking hound for 2 parties so he needed his run around.

In the afternoon got ready and met with George for a roof top BBQ party. Amazing place and cool people, you know you are at the right place when almost everyone is a secret nerd.

I used my best weapon and had the entire party coming up wanting to pat W and having to talk to me. Win. You need some kind of selling point when at least 3 people come up to you gushing about how much they love your boyfriend just having met him.

But, eventually we had to head for the event of the year – the Tomlin Eurovision party. Everyone looked AMAZING when we came so I pulled G into the bathroom, put his head upside down over the bathtub, poured crazy amount of glitter all over him (half of it in his nose. Sorry #notsorry) and then put him in my gold leggings.

So. Much. Yes! Look at this absolutely brilliant man. He is my dream come true. Glitter beard! Gold leggings! Happily dancing away to Eurovision. Thank you Unicorn gods.

Me, I apparently looked like Daenerys on crack. Not too shabby if you ask me. Ill happily be the Hackney version of the mother of Dragons.

And look how I snuck in the swedish flag…

After not being able to stop smiling like a fool every time i looked at G he was like ‘i didnt realise you love glitter that much’. You have much to learn about me babe.

After a couple of hours in the flat we decided to head to Glory. Elias had changed out of his first amazing outfit into his second one. Because every queen needs that.

Not normally in drag he kept finding the high heels a fucking torture instrument. Yes. That is correct. 

Looking like a naughty little kid next to fabulous Elias.

G and me were home around 4 covered in glitter. Everywhere. Tried to shower it off but to my absolute delight his hairy chest was all gold glittery when i woke up. Dream come true.

After a couple of hours in bed we took W and headed to the park for a walk before going to a birthday drink. Stayed away from the booze. Mostly.

Had to pass by Gs flat before going home and got because lazy and dont want to sleep alone me and W stayed there all night.

Great idea until I had to try and get W to Miranda at the other end of town in rush hour. Impossible. I had to go to 2 different stations and it took me 2 hours. Oh well, worth it.