A gold glitter beard

It was Eurovision this weekend. I got to glitter George’s beard…


Most amazing thing ever. Really. I could marry him for that alone. Because it was glitter and he was so HOT. Hotness covered in glitter. How not to want that.

But there was more to this weekend so lets do this in order. Because swedish.

On Friday met with Eric, Pettan, KF and Bull for an AW. Things did what they do and we got drunk, had dinner at The Oak and had about 5 too many shots. And catch ups. Given that Peter and me meet every second year it was a LOT to talk about.

Havent seen the boys in forever and people were on point. Reminded me why i love them. For real.

I mean, when someone (the norwegian) jumps up to do a split and accidently hit the table behind and says sorry by buying the family at the table a round a shots with a special nod to the daughter’s you know you’ll have a pretty special night.

Him and me ended in Maggies dancing our hearts out to 80’s music. This is me VERY happy at 4 in the morning having come home with yet another Maggies hat.

Saturday and walkies. Even if DYING! But i knew i was taking hound for 2 parties so he needed his run around.

In the afternoon got ready and met with George for a roof top BBQ party. Amazing place and cool people, you know you are at the right place when almost everyone is a secret nerd.

I used my best weapon and had the entire party coming up wanting to pat W and having to talk to me. Win. You need some kind of selling point when at least 3 people come up to you gushing about how much they love your boyfriend just having met him.

But, eventually we had to head for the event of the year – the Tomlin Eurovision party. Everyone looked AMAZING when we came so I pulled G into the bathroom, put his head upside down over the bathtub, poured crazy amount of glitter all over him (half of it in his nose. Sorry #notsorry) and then put him in my gold leggings.

So. Much. Yes! Look at this absolutely brilliant man. He is my dream come true. Glitter beard! Gold leggings! Happily dancing away to Eurovision. Thank you Unicorn gods.

Me, I apparently looked like Daenerys on crack. Not too shabby if you ask me. Ill happily be the Hackney version of the mother of Dragons.

And look how I snuck in the swedish flag…

After not being able to stop smiling like a fool every time i looked at G he was like ‘i didnt realise you love glitter that much’. You have much to learn about me babe.

After a couple of hours in the flat we decided to head to Glory. Elias had changed out of his first amazing outfit into his second one. Because every queen needs that.

Not normally in drag he kept finding the high heels a fucking torture instrument. Yes. That is correct. 

Looking like a naughty little kid next to fabulous Elias.

G and me were home around 4 covered in glitter. Everywhere. Tried to shower it off but to my absolute delight his hairy chest was all gold glittery when i woke up. Dream come true.

After a couple of hours in bed we took W and headed to the park for a walk before going to a birthday drink. Stayed away from the booze. Mostly.

Had to pass by Gs flat before going home and got because lazy and dont want to sleep alone me and W stayed there all night.

Great idea until I had to try and get W to Miranda at the other end of town in rush hour. Impossible. I had to go to 2 different stations and it took me 2 hours. Oh well, worth it.

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